Mascot Contest Announcements!

Posted by Ai Kon on January 5, 2023

It’s that time of year again, we’re looking for a new design for both of Ai-Kon’s mascots: Aiko and Doug! Aiko and Doug appear on a variety of Ai-Kon promotional materials, including t-shirts, posters, flyers, badges, programs, and the Ai-Kon website. Their designs can be created by you!

Please make sure to read the Rules and Requirements before submitting your entry as they may have changed from last year! Failure to follow requirements may result in your entry to be disqualified.

All entries to past years’ Mascot Contests can be found here.

Ai-Kon 2023 Mascot Contest

It’s summertime and Aiko and Doug are ready to start the excitement! This summer we are looking for Racer themed Aiko and Doug! Racer could be the racer that is part of the tournament or perhaps the one to wave the flag to start the race! It’s up to you to decide how you would like to portray Aiko and/or Doug!

Generally, Aiko is a cheerful, stylish, energetic anime girl with pink hair and blue eyes. Her age should be late teens to early twenties. (approx 16-23 years of age)

Doug is a young, lovable yet mischievous boy who is known by our community as a scamp and has white hair and blue eyes. His age should be mid to late teens (approx 12-18 years of age)

Entries to the 2023 Ai-Kon Mascot Contest (Aiko and/or Doug) are due 11:59 PM CST, Saturday Febuary 11. Artists may submit a maximum of FOUR entries (TWO max per mascot) for the Ai-Kon Mascot Contest

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Rules and Requirements

Entry Specifications:

  • Full Colour with a transparent background
    • Please do not include any background elements
  • Canvas size should be (minimum) 11×17 inches
  • 300 DPI resolution or higher (600 DPI is ideal!)
  • PNG format to ensure transparency of background
  • Entries MUST keep eye and hair colours for both mascots.

*A smaller version of your entry may be submitted for judging as long as a higher resolution version is available, please note this in the comments section of your submission.

Naming Format:


  • Example: JaneDoe-JaneDraws-Doug01.png


  • Example: JaneDoe-JaneDraws-Aiko01.png

Additional Rules and Agreement:

  • No entries featuring symbols, logos, poses, outfits and/or hair styles of copyrighted characters, or copyrighted characters themselves. Any entries featuring copyrighted material will not be accepted.
    • This includes any trademark/copyright logos and emblems
  • No adult-themed entries will be accepted. This will be at the discretion of Ai-Kon executives. Please ensure entries are suitable for all ages.
  • Do not use a watermark or a signature on your submission.
  • No entries made from AI generated work will be considered. 
  • All entries and rights to the images become property of Ai-Kon.
  • The same artist cannot be selected as first place winner for both Aiko and Doug.
  • Ai-Kon may request a compensated commission of an alternate configuration of the winning mascot design from the winning artist. This second design will be used for promotional and/or merchandising purposes. Ai-Kon respects the artist’s right to refuse this request.

What the Ai-Kon Committee looks for in a mascot:

  • The specified theme is apparent.
  • Pose is energetic and lively. (TIP: Static standing poses aren’t generally chosen!)
  • Style is “anime” inspired. We are an anime convention afterall!
  • Aiko and Doug are represented accurately (age, physical attributes, and personality)
  • The design’s ability to be placed on promotional media (badges, lanyards, posters, t-shirts, etc)


Ai-Kon 2023 Mascot Contest:

The winners will receive: a free art table, one (1) artist weekend admission to our next physical event, and an Ai-Kon t-shirt and lanyard printed with their mascot. The winning entry will be used for Ai-Kon 2022 promotional materials and merchandise.

There are two runners-up for the Ai-Kon Mascot Contest.

The two runners-up will receive: A free half art table and an artist weekend admission to our next physical event!

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