About Ai-Kon

Ai-Kon is run by a nonprofit organization consisting of an independent board of volunteers who are dedicated to making the convention a memorable time for all who attend. It is now organized by over 50 year long staff and over 200 hundred volunteers in July. 

Almost 16 years ago it first started  Ai-Kon as an open-house event organized and run by the University of Manitoba Anime Club.  The upstart convention grew into a popular bi-annual event bringing together anime fans of all sorts across Canada and even cross-boarder. 

Our current base of operation is the RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre a long time partner that allows for our continuous growth, expansion and accessibility to all attendees.

Ai-Kon is a three-day event held during the summer, which runs around the clock from start to finish. Other than our focus on Japanese animation, comics and closely related media, the convention has branched off to include other events that have varying amounts of overlap with our attendees' interests. We host many anime convention staples, such as the cosplay masquerade, assorted video games with tournament prizes, and rooms for vendors and artists alike to showcase and sell their wares. Thanks to the diverse range of anime fans in the area, with each passing year we've been able to host panels and other events covering more ground in other semi-related areas, from Japanese Tea Ceremony and Aikido demonstrations from the Manitoba Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre to panels discussing the finer points of Go and ball-jointed dolls.

Thanks to the continued support of these various groups and partners we have been successful in our efforts to bring an assorted entertainment, cultural presentations and merchandise that has something compelling for all attendees.