Winterfest Online 2021

Saturday, February 27, 2021


What is Ai-Kon?

Ai-Kon is a Japanese anime and pop culture convention held annually in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The convention is a three-day event held during the summer, which runs 24 hours though Friday morning all the way to Sunday afternoon!

Our event is hosted out of the RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre, a long-time partner that not only allows for our continuous growth but is also easily accessible to our wonderful attendees in beautiful downtown Winnipeg.

Ai-Kon  hosts many anime convention staples, such as, our impressive cosplay contest, 24 hour anime screenings, competitive video game tournaments, interactive fan-hosted panels, a Maid Cafe, and a sprawling marketplace for vendors and artists.  Aside from our focus on Japanese animation and pop culture, Ai-Kon has branched off to include other events and activities that have varying amounts of overlap with our attendees’ interests.

The continued support from the Winnipeg community is appreciated! Thanks to the diverse range of anime fans, organizations, and clubs in the area, Ai-Kon has been able to host panels and other events covering everything from Japanese Tea Ceremony, Aikido demonstrations, to panels discussing the finer points of ball-jointed dolls.  There is always something new and compelling each year for all our attendees.

Young or old, first time or seasoned con-goer, Ai-Kon has something to offer for everyone!

Who are we?

Behind Ai-Kon is a non-profit organization consisting of an independent board of volunteers who are dedicated to making the convention a memorable time for all who attend. It is organized by over 70 dedicated individuals and over 200 hundred volunteers in July. There are no salaries and every dime is reinvested.

Where did it start?

Back in 2001  Ai-Kon first started as an open-house event organized and run by the University of Manitoba Anime Club. The upstart convention grew into a popular bi-annual event that brings together anime fans of all sorts from across Canada and even across-border!