Looking to promote your club, social group or organization? Ai-Kon loves to help out fellow anime, gaming, and Japanese influenced clubs. All those that fit our mandate of Japanese and or geek culture are welcome. Organizations, high school or university clubs, hobby groups, etc.

Ai-Kon can provide a promotional club table at our convention to help you get attention from attendees. 

Dance Group?

Are you a j-pop, k-pop or Idol dance group? Special day tables are available on Sunday, July 23rd. Make sure you fill out all of the information and how attendees can get in touch/follow you.

Clubs, Organizations, and Social Groups Table
Guidelines and Polices

Registration Guidelines

Convention Policies

Failure to follow guidelines or policies may result in club/ organization/ social group not being invited back or in serious cases being asked to leave.


Spaces is extremely limited please fill out the application below and Corporate Relations will get back to you within 48 hours.

Please note that electricity must be purchased through the RBC Convention Centre. You can download the order form here.

2017 Rates
Pre-ordering electricity before the convention - $96.00
Ordering electricity AT the convention - $119.00