Escape Room

I huge thank you to Time Lapse for partnering with us this past Winterfest 


Here is what happened:

Ai-Kon has teamed up with Time Lapse to bring you a special pop-up escape room! It will be a 15-minute experience that is FREE with your admission to Winterfest! Please see below for more details!

The room is designed to be suitable for all ages and accessible.

What is an Escape Room?
An escape room is a real-life room full of physical and mental puzzles and clues that you must solve in order to ‘escape’ the room and win. While working as a team, you are only given a certain amount of time to complete the tasks and find your way out.

Time Lapse and Ai-Kon Present:

Titans Approach

Hours of Operation:

The escape room will operate from Noon until 10:00 pm. 

Scheduled escape slots are limited, at the convention book early at the escape room table so you do not miss out!

How it works:

It will be a 15-minute experience that is FREE with your admission to Winterfest! A 5 dollar deposit is required to book your slot, this is returned to you when you show up for you scheduled period. 

Small groups or individuals may be placed to others to maximize the amount of participants. Don't worry about working with strangers it frequently adventagious to have different minds and backgrounds as the problems are very different.

The Situation:

You and your friends have been captured by a group of traitors to humanity and locked in a room of an old house. Frantically looking for a way out, you can hear the screams and shouts of a military unit trying desperately to fight off a group of Titans approaching your building.

You soon realize this room is no ordinary room. It appears to have a door to a secret passage that could be your key to escape. But it is heavily secured and you must find the clues to unlock it.

As sounds of the Titans grow louder, you realize the military unit is slowly losing the battle. You must hurry to find a way out before it’s too late. You realize you have only 15 minutes to find your escape.

Good Luck.