February 24, 2018

RBC Convention Centre, 375 York Ave., Winnipeg

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Cosplay Skills Faire

Ai-Kon has long been a supporter of the vibrant cosplay community in Winnipeg, and each year we are proud to witness our local talent reach new heights! We see incredible skill growth in our attendees, volunteers, and staff! In hopes of further fostering this interest, inspiring new cosplayers, and teaching all skill levels new tricks, Winterfest 2018 will be introducing a new Cosplay Skills Faire for costume artists to share their knowledge with the community!

Hours of Cosplay Skills Faire:  Saturday, February 24th, 2018   4:00pm – 6:00pm


Skill Exhibitors

Come check out these exciting guests at our Skills Faire and get on the spot information and tips in many different areas of cosplay!

Ashquee Cosplay

Learn how to get started with eva foam, from cutting to strapping armor. Showcasing a prop making process from start to finish.


Work it! Tips and tricks on how to perform and present yourself on stage.  Also, level up your make up game, use your makeup to enhance the character you are portraying.

The Cosplay Medic

MEDIC!!!! Teaching on-site repairs for those last minute fixes that just didn’t hold up, as well as general conventions, wear and tear.

What glue, how do I make it hold, our very official medic will teach you.


Look like knight or warrior without the forge or smithing requirements. Learn how to transform foam into armour in your own home. Planning, design, and painting; from how to go from the store to the stage.

Kiritom Creations

Built with precision, built to last.  What to consider when working on your design, cutting, heat shaping, and painting.  Learn how to make highly durable props and armor out of wood and plastics.

Komomo Studios

Pattern drafting, the cornerstone to the beginning of any cosplay project. Layout it properly to make it great.

MKT Photography

Photography!  Come learn how to make yourself, and your cosplay look their absolute best.  From posing, lighting, and angles you’ll learn tips on how to get the photos you want.