February 24, 2018

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Ai-Kon loves to promote fellow anime, gaming, and Japanese influenced clubs, conventions, organizations, and groups. All those that fit our mandate of Japanese and or geek culture are welcome.

Description of Ai-Kon 2017 Outreach Exhibitors:

(This information is provided as a reference, and will be updated for Winterfest 2018)

Arda Wigs Canada

Arda Wigs Canada is the Canadian branch of Chicago-based Arda Wigs, established in 2009. Arda Wigs Canada is proudly serving Canada since 2015, based in Kitchener, Ontario. We are dedicated to bringing Canadian cosplayers and wig enthusiasts wig styles wearable on any head type, as well as being realistic and easy to style.

Ai-Dolls Project

Currently looking to recruit potential members for future projects, with a focus on Love Live! cosplay and dance video covers. They look forward to meeting and interacting with fans of cosplay, J-Pop, and K-pop general.

Anime Detour

Anime Detour is an annual three-day anime convention held during April at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The convention run by the non-profit organization Anime Twin Cities.

Anime Fargo

Anime Fargo was started by a bunch of friends in 2013 that got together and decided to do something great for the fans living in North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, and beyond! Our inaugural convention was held Sept. 26-28 in 2014 and we plan on continuing this for years to come. We want to create a fantastic experience for convention goers with a variety of activities.

Canadian Blood Services

As a modern nation rooted in science and technology, you might expect old-fashioned, non-scientific beliefs about blood types to get left behind in Japan. Well, you’d be wrong. Japanese people talk about blood type personality theory quite a bit in their daily lives, and it’s one of the most common topics at goukon, nomikai, and other social gatherings. Some people are so fanatical that they won’t date anyone they’re incompatible with blood-wise.

Find out what your type is, what this may mean? Find out the blood type of your favorite anime characters!

Come and learn about how important Canadian Blood Services is to our community and what you can do to help.

Central Canada Comic Con

The Central Canada Comic Con (C4) is the largest convention of its kind in central Canada. Every October, more than 46,000 fans from around the world gather in Winnipeg, Manitoba to celebrate the best in comic books, science fiction, gaming, anime, fantasy, horror, and pop culture.


Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Model kits) is a modeling hobby that started in Japan in the early 80’s.  Through the last 25 years, the hobby has evolved to bring unique and high-quality building experiences internationally.

doYouGunpla is a community, that is focused on the Gunpla Builders on Winnipeg.  Through their dedication to the hobby, our members enjoy sharing their builds, skills, and techniques within the community and to all those interested in being introduced to the Gunpla hobby.

Energy 106

Local Winnipeg pop music radio station.

Galax-E K-pop Dance Team

Galax-E is a local K-pop dance team who was formerly known as TXM-G. The team was originally formed in 2014 but has rebranded this year to be Galax-E. We love to meet fellow K-pop fans and share our passion for Korean culture.

Havok: Word of Vaithan

Havok: World of Vaithan is one of Winnipeg’s longest running LARPs or Live Action Role Playing games. We dedicate ourselves to having a lore rich role-playing environment, fantasy costumes, and dynamic combat system. We accept people from ages 16 and up. Havok has their games inside and outside the City of Winnipeg, with some games going for an entire weekend. We are friendly and will help new players and answer all questions strangers may have.

JET Programme

The JET Programme is a highly respected program and a great way to experience Japanese culture and society. For attendees of Ai-Kon who want to pursue their dream of living in Japan, there is no better program than JET. Like Ai-Kon, former participants of the JET Programme believe in the value of learning about Japanese culture and language and are happy to share their knowledge.

Keycon 35

Winnipeg’s Fantasy & Science Fiction Literary Convention.  We support fandom of all types, with literary, media, and art guests, a costume contest, and an amazing community!

Manitoba Ghostbusters

We are fans sharing the fandom to everyone and doing it for a good cause from birthday parties, charity events, and special events.

Manitoba Highland Gathering

A non-profit, volunteer supported, family fun-filled, community designated 51-year-old event. They strive to preserve, promote, nurture, educate and share about our wonderful, colorful Scottish Culture and Heritage, arts, sports, and agriculture.

Manitoba Kendo Club


Are you interested in Sword fighting?

Kendo is traditional Japanese fencing derived from the traditions of the samurai.  Learn all about the Manitoba Kendo Club as we get ready to accept new students in the month of  September.

Marshall Fabrics

Carrying everything you need for your sewing projects from satin and laces for Bridal, spandex, and tulle for dance, upholstery, vinyl, and drapery for your home decorating, plus, of course, a huge selection of quilting cotton too. Our fabric inventory is huge, but if we don’t have what you need in store we can try to source it for you. New fabrics arrive weekly and there is always something unique in store.

Majestix Idol Project

A Love Live Winnipeg Dance/Cosplay Group; super excited to show the people of Winnipeg what they are made of.


Manitoba Public Insurance is inviting young drivers to get behind the wheel in virtual reality (VR). Through the use of leading edge VR technology, DRIVER-X allows participants to explore a three-dimensional environment in a seemingly real and physical way.


Nonets is a Winnipeg-based, nine-member group that performs cosplay dance covers of music from the popular multimedia school idol project, “Love Live!”


Otafest is an annual conference for anime enthusiasts. We act as a creative outlet for fans, an occasion where they can show their passion and appreciation for the hobby. We are an event where fans can show off the costumes they have made, the music videos they have created, and the art they have painted and drawn.

Sew & Embroidery Warehouse

Winnipeg’s Brother Dealer and Canada’s Juki Dealer. Some of the best prices on Sewing, Embroidery, Sergers, Coverstitch, and Scan and Cut Machines, service and supplies.


SkullSpace is Winnipeg’s hackerspace. We have a diverse cast of members who work on a multitude of personal projects. We offer the space, tools, and social environment for geeks, dorks, nerds, and others to come together.The Celestial Who-ligans

Sky Zone Winnipeg

This business is dedicated to providing you with the pure joy that comes with flying. They are sky lovers, thrill seekers and people who believe that jumping is freedom. They believe fitness can be fun and play can be smart. They are healthy and bursting with energy. They fly high and keep it safe. They are Sky Zone!

Sky Zone Winnipeg was completed in 2013. They offer Open Jump, SkySlam, Sky Fitness classes, Ultimate Dodgeball*, Ultimate Volleyball*, Toddler Time, and their newest attractions; Sky Wars (Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday evenings) and GLOW (Friday/Saturday from 8-10p).

Snow Day Idols

A new idol group from the Winnipeg area. They cover dances from the anime Love Live! As well as some popular k-pop songs as side projects. Come meet them at their table as they would be more than happy to talk, give you more information, as well as scout some new members.

The Celestial Who-ligans

A club dedicated to Doctor Who and spin-offs such as Torchwood and Class.


“Get your GEEK on” with Thunder Bay’s geeks, nerds and fans of all stripes. In our 3rd year now, ThunderCon boasts a huge vendors room and the largest board and card game expo in the region. 2017 Special guests include Star Trek: Voyager’s Robert Picardo and voice actor Chuck Huber.

Thunder Geeks Radio

A radio show that airs every Sunday and that covers any and all topics in the nerd/geek community both on a small local scale or a large global scale.


UMFM 101.5 broadcasts at 1200 watts from the University Of Manitoba


An idol dance cover group based in Winnipeg. Mainly focus on doing cosplay covers of Love Live!, but also dance to popular songs from anime, Vocaloid, and J-pop!

Wildgard – Amtgard

Wildgard is a chapter of the international LARP/Boffer Combat Game Amtgard. They go out every weekend to Assiniboine Park and fight each other with foam weapons. There is a class system where people can advance in levels to gain special abilities, and use them on friend or foe.

Winnipeg Public Library Mobile Library

The mobile pop-up library you can:

  • Get your free library card or renew your existing one
  • Browse from our book display and borrow
  • See demos of our online services including how to download eBooks and use our online learning resources