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February 23, 2019 at the RBC Convention Centre

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Ai-Kon loves to promote fellow anime, gaming, and Japanese influenced clubs, conventions, organizations, and groups. All those that fit our mandate of Japanese and or geek culture are welcome.

Interested in having an outreach table at our event?  Please take a look at our outreach registration information!  We’d love to have you!

Outreach Exhibitor Map


Carlton Concourse Outreach Exhibitor Map


S1 – Costume Alliance S15 – DoYouGunpla
S2 – Costume Alliance S16 – DoYouGunpla
S3 – Costume Alliance S17 – DoYouGunpla
S4 – Prairie Furs S18 – Winnipeg BJD
S5 – Central Canada Comic Con (C4) S19 – Winnipeg BJD
S6 – Keycon S20 – UMAnime
S7 – Anime Fargo S21 – Manitoba Ghostbusters
S8 – Twitch Winnipeg S22 –
S9 – SkullSpace S23 – Ai-Kon raffle
S10 – The Frontier LARP S24 – Ai-Kon raffle
S11 – The Frontier LARP S25 – Ai-Kon raffle
S12 – S26 – Bonsai Society of Winnipeg
S13 – Canadian Blood Services S27 – JET Programme / JETAA Prairies
S14 – MC College

East Concourse Outreach Exhibitor Map


E9 – Marshall Fabrics E12 – Artists Emporium
E10 – Marshall Fabrics E13 – Artists Emporium
E11 – Artists Emporium E14 – Anime Fargo

South East Concourse Outreach Exhibitor Map


D1 – Winnipeg Public Library D7 – Energy 106
D2 – Tourism Winnipeg D8 – Frontier Ninja Warrior Arena

South East Concourse Outreach Exhibitor Map


D1 – FanQuest D7 – Manitoba Kendo Club
D2 – Sky Zone D8 – Frontier Ninja Warrior Arena


South East Concourse Outreach Exhibitor Map


D1 – Galax-E D5 – ur’s
D2 – Snow Day Idols D6 – Nonets
D3 – Majestix Idol Project D7 – W.O.T.A
D4 – Voca Sensation D8 – Mikanmaru24

List of Ai-Kon 2018 Outreach Exhibitors:

Here’s who will be promoting at Ai-Kon, bookmark this space to find out who will be exhibiting at our summer event!

Anime Fargo

Anime Fargo is September 21-23, 2018 at the Ramada Fargo in Fargo, ND, USA. They will offer a variety of guests and activities that provide fun experiences for everyone, and happily welcome Canadian attendees each year!

Artists Emporium

Artists Emporium, a local Canadian based company, will be doing a demonstration of armour making on Saturday afternoon near main programing. Come check it out! Get inspired and go visit their booth in the marketplace

Bonsai Society of Winnipeg

Bonsai is a traditional Japanese horticultural art form that enjoys international growth. We meet  monthly and offers a variety of membership services such as demos, harvesting trees from the wild, and an intro course. Website: www.bonsaiwinnipeg.ca

Canadian Blood Services

Canada’s only blood collection organization that supplies much needed blood and blood products to local patients. Japan’s interest in blood types comes from the idea that a person’s blood helps define their personality. Canadian Blood Services will be on site offering blood typing services to educate the public on the significance of their blood type! Ever wonder if you are an A, B, AB, or O blood type? Find out at their booth – it’s free and only takes a few minutes!

Central Canada Comic Con

Central Canada Comic Con (C4) is the largest convention of its kind in central Canada. Every October, more than 70,000 fans from around the world gather in Winnipeg, Manitoba to celebrate the best in comic books, science fiction, gaming, anime & more.


ChipDamage is a video gaming group which focuses mainly on fighting games. They hold tournaments, gaming events, and meet twice a week to play games at Garbonzo’s Pizza Pub on Balmoral Street. Just show up and play; they appreciate players and spectators of all skill levels. Chip Damage has no membership fee or formal registration and is open to everyone.

Costume Alliance

The Costume Alliance is an all volunteer group for individuals who want to bring costuming to life. From all forms of pop culture they share tips, tricks and the secrets that they use to bring iconic characters and props from anime, video games and comics.
Visit them on social media at – https://www.facebook.com/CostumeAlliance/ ,  https://twitter.com/CostumeAlliance , andhttps://www.instagram.com/costume_alliance/


Gunpla are model kits that provides unique and high quality building experiences.  doYouGunpla is a community, that is focused on the Gunpla Builders. Our members enjoy sharing their builds, skills, and techniques.

Energy 106

Energy 106 is Winnipeg’s Top 40 Radio Station and it serves over one hundred thousand listeners. Launched in 2011 by the Evanov Radio Group, the station features some of the most creative radio talents in the country. The station’s success can be credited to its blend of great music and compelling talk, which always has a Winnipeg perspective that listeners can relate to.

The Frontier LARP

Born out of passion to create live action events that are both authentic and professional the Frontier LARP was forged in 2016.  Whether its Zombies, Medieval, or Post Apocalypse, they invite you to enter a world where you LIVE the adventure.


Hello, meet Galax-E! Get ready to dance to your favourite KPOP routine because local KPOP dance team Galax-E is here to show you the moves.

Japanese Cultural Association of Manitoba

JCAM aims to promote Japanese and Japanese Canadian culture and heritage through educational, cultural and social programming.

JET Programme / JETAA Prairies

The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme is an initiative focused on promoting mutual understanding between Japan and Canada through grassroots internationalization.  It also aims to improve foreign language education in Japan.


Keycon is Manitoba’s longest running science fiction and fantasy convention! Every May Long Weekend spend your time buddying up to your favourite guest. Along with art auction, Masquerade, dealers, a whole floor of hospitality suites and more!

Majestix Idol Project

Majestix Idol Project is a nine member dance group that formed in April of 2017. Originally they were a Love Live group, but recently have started to branch out into other genres. They hope you look forward to what they have in store!

Manitoba Ghostbusters

A non-profit Organization who give back to the community through charity events, birthday parties and other special events while showing the spirit of the Ghostbusters

Manitoba Kendo Club

Samurai, one of history’s greatest warriors. Their lives were defined by the bushido code, and their mastery of the Katana sword. Their tradition carries on today in the martial art of Kendo. Learn the skills and techniques of Japanese swordsmanship.

Marshall Fabrics

Get creative with fabrics from Marshall Fabrics! They carry thousands of fabrics, including polar fleece and fabrics in Winnipeg, offering you great products and service. With their fabrics, you can create everything from gymnast leotards and cuddly stuffed animals to tote bags and baby booties. A vast selection of patterns, materials and styles is sure to help you bring your vision to life.

MC College

MC College is Canada’s Leading Educator in Hairstyling, Esthetics and Fashion Design


Mikanmaru loves to share his passion of both music and geekdom culture, with DJ sets and Guitar covers. Mikan also seeks to combine the best of music pop culture and geekdom culture through his Nesos traveling with him to shows. Listen to the music!


They’re Nonets! A 10 member dance group based in Winnipeg performing to songs from Love Live! Come visit their table to catch a sneak peek at upcoming projects and talk with the members about the latest in Love Live and other anime!


SkullSpace is Winnipeg’s first and only hackerspace, founded in 2010. We are a community of hackers, builders, programmers, artists, and anybody interested in how stuff works, gathering in a common place to help focus knowledge and creativity.

Sky Zone

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is the largest trampoline park worldwide.  Featuring 3D wall-to-wall trampoline experience including activities such as Ultimate Dodgeball, SkySlam, Foam Zone and the brand new Challenge Zone.


ThunderCon is a fan run convention and gaming expo in Thunder Bay, Ontario. 2018 will feature Marvel writer/artist Jim Starlin, legendary film artist Brian Muir, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Nana Visitor and Stargate: Atlantis’ Paul McGillion!

Tourism Winnipeg

Tourism Winnipeg is the city’s official destination marketing organization. Their mission is to facilitate a tourism industry that enhances the city of Winnipeg’s economic growth, increases visitation and delivers the best possible visitor experience.

Twitch Winnipeg

Twitch Winnipeg (powered by Twitch) is a community of broadcasters and viewers in the Winnipeg and Surrounding Manitoba Area.


The University of Manitoba Anime Club is a community of anime fans from within and outside the university. They host events within campus (anime viewings, game nights, and more!), providing a space for anime fans to share their passion and interests!


Meet local idol + cosplay group ur’s. Although they specialize in Love Live!, they also do cosplay and dance covers from other anime, Vocaloid, and J-pop. At this table their time is ur’s~

Voca Sensation

Voca Sensation is a 15 member dance group that formed in August, 2017. Their group dances to a variety of genres such as c-pop, j-pop and k-pop. Voca has many plans for the future that they can’t wait to share with you! Thank you for your support!

Winnipeg BJD

If you’ve ever wondered what’s the deal with those dolls people carry at cons then you’re in luck!  Winnipeg BJD is a fun bunch of friendly folks who collect them. Come by their table to learn all about it!

Winnipeg Public Library

  • Get your free library card or renew your existing one
    •Browse from their book display and borrow
    •See demos of online resources
    •Get answers to any question about library services.
    Find them on twitter, facebook and instagram!


WOTA are fans of (3D and 2D) Japanese idols such as Love Live, AKB48, Idolmaster, and many more.