July 27–29, 2018

RBC Convention Centre, 375 York Ave., Winnipeg

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Ai-Kon loves to promote fellow anime, gaming, and Japanese influenced clubs, conventions, organizations, and groups. All those that fit our mandate of Japanese and or geek culture are welcome.

Interested in having an outreach table at our event?  Please take a look at our outreach registration information!  We’d love to have you!

Outreach Exhibitor Map

Find all of your favourite groups at the event.   Exhibitor placement may change, so keep an eye on this space!  


E3 – Hinode Taiko
E4 – Keycon
E5 – UMAnime
E6 – The Frontier LARP
E7, E8 – Japanese Cultural Association of Manitoba (JCAM)
E10 – Central Canada Comic Con (C4)
E11 – JET Programme
E12 – Anime Fargo
E13 – Tomodachi Anime Club
E14 – Extra Life Winnipeg
E15 – FanQuest
E16 – Winnipeg Public Library
E17 – St. John Ambulance
E18 – Sky Zone
E19 – Shaw TV
E20 – SkullSpace
E21 – Winnipeg Geek Girls
E22 – Winnipeg BJD
E23, E24 – DoYouGunpla?

Dance area

E25 – Voca Sensation
E26 – Majestix Idol Project
E28 – Nonets
E29 – ur’s
E30 – W.O.T.A.
E32 – UMFM / Mikanmaru24

List of Ai-Kon Winterfest 2018 Outreach Exhibitors:

Here’s who will be promoting at Winterfest. Find your people!

Anime Fargo
Anime Fargo is an incredible anime convention in North Dakota, USA, with a full weekend of fun activities for all on Sept. 21-23, 2018! Anime Fargo is expanding its guest lineup, gaming, and party room offerings! Please visit!

Winnipeg’s Own “Board Game Demo Team”

The Board Game Demo Team is a tabletop gaming convention born out of the joy they get in socializing and getting people together to have fun. Their focus is on card, miniature, board and role-playing games and teaching games to people who have never played them before.

Central Canada Comic Con

Central Canada Comic Con (C4) is the largest convention of its kind in central Canada. Every October, more than 70,000 fans from around the world gather in Winnipeg, Manitoba to celebrate the best in comic books, science fiction, gaming, anime & more


ChipDamage is a video gaming group which focuses mainly on fighting games. They hold tournaments, gaming events, and meet twice a week to play games at Garbonzo’s Pizza Pub on Balmoral Street. Just show up and play; they appreciate players and spectators of all skill levels. Chip Damage has no membership fee or formal registration and is open to everyone.


Gunpla are model kits that provides unique and high quality building experiences.

doYouGunpla is a community, that is focused on the Gunpla Builders. Our members enjoy sharing their builds, skills, and techniques.

Extra Life Winnipeg

Do you like gaming and want to be a hero? Then Extra Life needs you!
Extra Life is a charity gaming marathon that raises money for children’s hospitals across Canada and the US. Come say hi, and find out how you can be a hero for the kids.


FanQuest is Winnipeg’s newest fan convention. Their mission is to create fan events that connect, support and celebrate fandoms through meaningful experiences for attendees, creators, volunteers and special guests.

GALAX-E is a Winnipeg Kpop Dance Team. We were established in March 2017 and have been fairly active, posting dance videos on all of our social medias, including on our YouTube Channel of over 900 Subscribers. We have performed around the city at various locations and events such as: A Goldeyes Game, Folklorama, and Aikon. We all love what we do!

Geek Girls Winnipeg
Geek Girls Winnipeg is a social group dedicated to building fun regular events for non-binary and women geeks to meet and mingle!

Hinode Taiko
Hinode Taiko, or “Rising Sun Drums” has been bringing the art of Japanese drumming to Winnipeg for over 35 years. Come and meet people who are passionate about learning, playing, sharing and teaching taiko. Get information and sign up for workshops and classes!  Since 1982, Hinode Taiko’s goals have always been to learn the art of taiko, and to instruct those interested in the art of Japanese drumming. Answer the call of the drums and visit their table for more information.


JCAM aims to promote Japanese and Japanese Canadian culture and heritage through educational, cultural and social programming.

JET Programme

The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme is an initiative focused on promoting mutual understanding between Japan and Canada through grassroots internationalization. It also aims to improve foreign language education in Japan.



Keycon is Winnipeg’s longest running Science fiction and Fantasy convention with a literary focus, now entering its 35 year. Keycon offers a unique, intimate experience for its members and special guests, including in-depth discussions, one of a kind hospitality suites, gaming and dealer rooms and art show. Just to name some of the fun. Taking place May Long Weekend in downtown Winnipeg.

Majestix Idol Project

Say hello to the Majestix idol project, a dance/cosplay group from Winnipeg. They cosplay and dance as characters from various animes and games. The idols love performing and meeting new people so please check them out and support them!


Nonets are a Winnipeg-based cosplay dance group sharing their love of anime by dancing songs from the popular multi-media series “Love Live!” Come by to chat with their members about the latest in anime, or even just to take a few selfies!


ShawTV is committed to local content and we are pleased to accept completed shows and new show ideas. We offer free training & workshops to the community. If you are interested in being a volunteer or learning more contact us

SkullSpace is a do-it-yourself community space for hackers, creators, makers, geeks, gamers, and anyone like that. Come in and make stuff or lounge around.

Sky Zone
Sky Zone Trampoline Park is more than just trampolines.  We now have a new challenge zone that makes our experience that much more unique, like no other in the city.  Now featuring a Warped Wall, Free Climb rock wall, performance trampolines, Sky Ladder and a jousting pit to go with our 3D dodgeball, SkySlam and Foam Zone.

St. John Ambulance
St. John Ambulance is proud to deliver reliable and sustainable community services in accordance with the organization’s mission. These services are provided by trained volunteers who recognize and respond to community-based health and safety needs.


The Frontier LARP

Born out of the passion to create live action events that are both authentic and professional, the Frontier LARP was forged in 2016. Their goal is to take you across the border from reality into the realm of imagination. The Frontier LARP runs several annual event such as the Zombie Apocalypse, mad max inspired Wasteland Post Apocalypse, and many more.

Tomodachi Anime Club

Tomodachi Anime Club was founded in 2013, with an aim to create a fun and thriving anime community in Winnipeg. They like to bring people together to enjoy the wonderful world of anime by having events full of fun, prizes and other exciting stuff!

They normally meet at  River Osborne Community Centre  every first Sunday of the month at 3pm  in the multipurpose room. They are welcoming to newcomers, feel free to stop by and sit down for some anime goodness.


UMAnime exists to bring together students interested in Anime culture, to organize social events for members and individuals of the anime-fan community, to provide a forum for discussion on anime and manga related issues.

UMFM and Mikanmaru24
Since our revitalization in 1997 UMFM has been providing a diverse range of music, talk and specialty programming to the Winnipeg community.
An up and coming DJ and musician in Winnipeg, Mikanmaru24 seeks to present his love of music and fandom culture through DJing and guitar covers. Since 2017, Mikan has been DJing in both events related to Winnipeg’s fandom scene and Instagram.


Meet local idol + cosplay group Ur’s. Although they specialize in Love Live!, they also do cosplay and dance covers from other anime, Vocaloid, and J-pop. At this table their time is Ur’s~

Video Games Live

Video Games Live is an immersive concert featuring music from the most popular video games of all time. Top orchestras & choirs perform along with exclusive video footage and music arrangements and lighting to create an entertainment experience!

Voca Sensation

Voca Sensation is a cosplay and dance group with people from various countries. Dance area: Animate, Jpop, Kpop and Cpop. They focus on doing cosplay photo shoots, recording dance videos and doing dance performance in public.

Winnipeg Public Library

Winnipeg Public Library provides professional, academic and leisure resources for the citizens of Winnipeg. You can find manga, anime, graphic novels, DVDs, video games and much, much more at the library, in-person and online. Find them on twitter, facebook and instagram!

Winnipeg BJD

Winnipeg BJD is an informal club dedicated to connecting collectors of ball-jointed dolls and similar dolls such as Dollfie Dream. They hold meets roughly every month, organize group orders and generally spread the ball jointed doll love.


“WOTA are fans of (3D and 2D) Japanese idols such as Love Live, AKB48, Idolmaster, and many more. What do they do? They support the love for idols by performing WOTAGEI, which involves dancing and cheering for idols groups while they perform on stage!  Come by the table to learn about the WOTA culture, watch some performances, and join the group! You’ll also get a chance to borrow penlights and learn some WOTAGEI calls yourself!