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Our 2018 vendor layout:

Here are the 2018 Ai-Kon Vendors!

Table Number Vendor Name
1-2 Mkt Photography
3-7 Kutting Edge
8-9 Brian & Gillian Illustration
10-13 Otaku Entertainment
14 Haley’s Cakes and Caterings
18-21 Gameknight Games and Cool Stuff
22-23 Wastelanders Emporium
24-27 NewGamePlus
28-30 Asia City of Winnipeg
31-32 PnP Games
33 Blue Danube Crafts
A1-2 Unique Bunny
A3, A5, A7 Raging Ape Prints
A4, A6 Johnni Kok Illustrations
A9-10 Rajers Imports
B1, B3 Chasing Artwork
B2, B4 Quirkilicious
B5 Nerdhaven Collectibles
B6 itsMengo
B7 Daisytree Jewelry
B8 Revival
B9 Rawry & Pohly
B10 Silk Buffalo
C1, C3 Bibisama Inc.
C2, C4, C6, C8 Xtreme Paraphilia
C5 Aria’s Apparel
C7+9 KujaOnii and Lady Zero
C10 Dark N Light Hobbies
D2, D4, D6, D8 Star Cast Anime
D1, D3, D5, D7 Cartoon Passion
E1-4 Skyfox Games
F1, F3, F5, F7 Little Star Gifts
F2, F4, F6, F8 Chez Rhox
G1, G3, G5, G7 Fusion Gaming
G2, G4 Go Beyond Games
G7 Enchanting Fabrications
G8 Bedside Press
H3 Joytopia
H4+6 GMB Chomichuk
H5 Josh Grelle
H7-8 Irben Entertainment
I2 Radioactive Nerd
I1, I3, I5, I7 Artists Emporium
I4, I6, I8 Dwarf No Cachette
J1-10 Conspiracy Comics


If you are considering becoming a vendor at Ai-Kon 2018 Please take a look at our policies and regulations:
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2018 Vendor Package

2018 Vendor Availability

The online application is now CLOSED for Ai-Kon 2018! Applications for 2019 will be accepted in early 2019.