Manitoba’s Largest Anime Convention!

July 21-23, 2017

RBC Convention Centre, 375 York Ave., Winnipeg

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Looking for a particular figure, a specific volume of your favourite manga, or got money burning a hole in your pocket? Ai-Kon’s Marketplace is the perfect place to find all kinds of anime- and Japanese-related merchandise! From plushies, DVDs, figures, manga, cosplay, kigurumis, to Japanese snacks and beauty products, our vendors have it all and more. No visit to Ai-Kon is complete with out a complete tour of our Marketplace!

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2017 Marketplace Layout

2017 Marketplace Website (1)

Chinook Crafts H5+7
PNP Games Inc 22+23
Chez Rhox Inc. B5-8
Artists Emporium F1357
Colleen’s Ami Critters, Designs by Sloan, Dash of Creativity D246
Xtreme Paraphilia B1-4
Niku A10
Conspiracy Comics 9-14
Anicosfun J5+6
Yunalicia Designs A4
Suits & Sandals H3
Unique Bunny F6+8
Kamaniki I 1+3
Riverside Tarot 31
Little Star Gifts G1357
Star Cast Anime J 1-4
Aria’s Apparel A7+9
NewGamePlus 18-21
Cyanide Stuffies F2
Cartoon Passion G2468
Nerdhaven Collectibles C1-2
Skyfox Games 12345
Johnni Kok Illustrations D1
Quirkilicious Inc. A1
Oriental Gifts E1+2
Chasing Artwork A2
Outbound Xtreme Streetwear H2+4 15-17
Asia City Express 28-30
Irben Entertainment I 7+8
GameKnight games and cool stuff 24-27
Hobbyfan 7+8
友達(ともだち) F4
Otaku Entertainment C3-10! E3
Viridian Treasures J8
Meat shop shirts 6
Fusion Gaming 32-34
Silk Buffalo 37
Wastelanders Emporium 35-36
Sweet Nostalgia J7
Farmgirl in the City Productions Inc. A3
Kutting Edge A5,6,7,8
Dwarf no Cachette H6,8
Silvastrasz I 2+4
Colorworld D3+5+7