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Becoming a Vendor

We are excited in your interest to participate as a vendor for Ai-Kon! Our team reviews each vendor to ensure that the marketplace experience is one that attendees will treasure!

If your merchandise is primarily illustrations / handmade goods, you might consider that an application to the artist department to be a better fit for your business!

The key differences between artist and vendor booths are:

  • Vendor booths are 8′ x 8′, which artist booths are 6′ x 8′.
  • Vendor booths allow for total freedom of space configurations. This includes the removal of the complimentary table to allow for custom displays or to create walk in shopping spaces. Artist booths must maintain a standardized configuration.
  • Artist spaces behind tables are not guaranteed and must be kept clear to allow traffic of fellow artists.
  • In exchange for these limitations, artist booths are priced lower to keep them accessible to our artist market.

Vendor package

Here is a link to the Ai-Kon 2024 vendor package. It should answer most inquiries of what is involved with a vendor booth in our marketplace including pricing and policies.

This should give your business a good frame of reference for what to expect from our event.

How to contact us

Got questions? Inquiries can be directed to the Vendor Coordinator team at We’re happy to help.

Mailing list

If you’d like, we can add your business e-mail address to a mailing list for opportunities at future Ai-Kon events!

Use this form to add your information!


Applications are not treated as first come, first served.

Each application is juried to ensure variety and suitability for our attendees. To set the attendee experience apart from craft shows and other conventions, we aim to work with businesses that provide products that align with our goals as an anime convention. Applications that include links to social media / website galleries to showcase your business are favorable.

Applicants are expected to show respect to our volunteer staff (both in person and over email) prior to and during the event. Inappropriate conduct will reflect on your eligibility to be accepted at future events.

Applications will be responded to within 10 business days.

Update March 28, 2024 : Vendor spaces are all currently reserved, new applications will be placed into the waiting list for review.

Applications will open for Ai-Kon 2024 on March 16th, 2024 at 12:00 pm CST
The application can be accessed by clicking here.