Frequently Asked Questions

To help answer inquires about our event, we've compiled this handy list of questions that we've received in our e-mail.  We hope this helps!


Where can I purchase tickets?
Please stay tuned this infromation will be available shortly.

Can I buy tickets at the door?
Yes, there is a ticket kiosk available on location available right at the Convention Centre that will be open during our event!

I only see weekend passes on the website, how do I buy day passes?
You can buy day passes from the on site or online on the corresponding days.

I do not have a credit card, can I buy my tickets with cash?
Yes, all of the ticket kiosk can accept cash, such as the one that will be open on site at the Convention Centre!

What time does Ai-Kon open and close each day?
Ai-Kon opens it's registration desk around 11:00 am - 12:00 pm on Friday and runs straight until Sunday at 4:00 pm.  We let our showing rooms  (and many other rooms) run throughout the night!

I'm a parent and my child wants to go to Ai-Kon, but I'm not interested in attending.  How will this work?
If your child is 12 years or under, they are required to be with a paying adult.  Your child does not require a guardian if they are 13 years or over.  We will be happy to escort you around the premises if you need to find your child.  Keep in mind the RBC Convention Centre does not have a venue-wide paging system. Please have a system in place to contact your child at all times. (such as a cellphone)

Showing Schedule

When will the showing schedule be available?
Due to the constantly shifting information up to the day of the convention, a schedule will not be posted until 1-2 weeks prior.  We will advertise the schedule on the front of our website, in the forums and provide a schedule sheet during the convention as well.

Artist Fare

Are there any more art tables available?
Availability will be advertised on the art page - Contact our art coordinator for specific inquiries at

May I tape or pin my artwork to the wall behind me to showcase it?
Sorry, due to Convention Centre regulations we are not allowed to attach anything to the collapsable segment walls.  We recommend buying display boards / science fair displays to help show off your work on your table!

Vendors Room

I have a bunch of secondhand stuff I'd like to sell but I'm not a vendor.  Can I come to Ai-Kon and sell them?
Unfortunately not, only confirmed vendors may sell merchandise at the convention.  We encourage you to utilze our "Ai-Mart" section of our forums to try to find a buyer outside of the convention. Also during the convention we have an event called the "Ai-Mart Bartering Post" where you can TRADE some of your goods with other convention goers.  No money may be exchanged during this event, however.

My bag was found to be too big to be brought into the vendors room, may I leave it at the doors of the vendors room?
No, you'll have to take your items to bag check.

Bag Check

May I leave items in bag check overnight?


Is dressing up in a costume mandatory?
No, it's entirely optional.  Fun, but optional!

My registration badge won't work with my costume, is there some other way?
Unfortunately not, your registration badge must be viewable at all times.  We've provided your badge with a holder on a string to go around your neck, so that it will not cause any damage to your costume. 

I bought a metal replica katana/ weapon for my costume, can I bring it?
Unfortunately not.  Please familiarize yourself with the weapons policy located at


Do any of the events / panels / game / dance shows cost money to participate in?
Nope, all of our events during the convention are covered by your registration fee!  There is one exception of the sushi panel, and this is because you recieve a lunch and some sushi supplies!

Are there limits on how many people can participate in panels / events?
Generally, no.  But some panels have a limit due to availability of supplies. Any limits will be announced at the convention and included in the guide book whenever possible.

I would like to host a panel / event, how do we do this
Contact our event coordinator to see if we have room in our schedule at

If I host a panel, do I get free admission?
Panelists receive a free day pass for the day of their panel. This is limited to one pass per panel. If you have multiple people hosting and require additional passes please contact our event coordinator at


If I volunteer, do I get free admission?

Returning volunteers from the prior year receive free admission.  New volunteers or volunteers from years other than the previous year receive tickets at half price.  Contact our volunteer coordinator for information on how you can become a volunteer at

When will I know my volunteer schedule?
Our coordinator should be able to get your schedule to you about 2 weeks prior to the convention.  They will send out a message to your e-mail, as well as post it up in the volunteer-only area of the forums.  If you are a volunteer and don't yet have access to this area, contact your volunteer coordinator.


Are there areas that I am not allowed to photograph or video record?

All areas are allowable for photography with the exceptions of the dealer's room and artist fair.  Obviously photography or video recordings are not permitted in showing rooms while there are screenings occuring.