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February 23, 2019 at the RBC Convention Centre


Sally-Seishun Youth Academy

We’d like to welcome Sally as a member of the select team of Seishun Youth Academy coming to Ai-Kon Winterfest 2019!

Sally is the class representative and leader of Seishun Youth Academy, as well as an idol in the Japanese rock idol unit Seishun Gakuen. Twin sisters Ally&Sally aspired to become idols in Japan until they passed Seishun Gakuen’s audition while on exchange to Tokyo in 2017. Together with Seishun Gakuen, they’ve released an album “Seishun☆Wasshoi!”, which reached Oricon music charts daily #3 ranking and is now being streamed world-wide on many digital music platforms. They’ve also performed at the world’s largest idol festivals, such as TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL and @JAM EXPO.

Sally can speak both English and Japanese, and enjoys watching anime and idol DVDs. Recently she’s been interested in aromatherapy and Japanese massage! She loves all fluffy animals, but is crazy about cats. As a member of Seishun Youth Academy, she hopes to heat up Ai-Kon Winterfest 2019 and make every person there have an amazing, unforgetable experience!