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February 23, 2019 at the RBC Convention Centre


Vlad G Pohnert

Vlad Pohnert has been involved with the operation of Fan Conventions since the late 80s. First starting with Science Fiction cons, then moving into Anime cons, Vlad has traveled to and been involved with conventions all over North America for the past 20 years.

Vlad has also been making Music Videos for even longer, starting with making science fiction guest tribute videos for several conventions before the Anime Music Video craft existed. He is well known and respected among Anime Music Video (AMV) creators worldwide for his work, having won well over fifty awards in Anime Music Video competitions from all over North America.

Vlad has operated many AMV contests and has brought popular interactive AMV programming to conventions through dedicated AMV rooms all across North America. He has also been a judge for many AMV contests including the first international judge for Japan Expo’s AMV contest in France.

Vlad is currently the CoChair of Animethon, Canada’s longest running Anime convention. He also runs many AMV contests and dedicated AMV programming rooms at various events across North America. Some of the events he has brought dedicated interactive AMV programming to are: Sakura-Con (world’s largest dedicated AMV room), Anime Expo (North America’s largest Anime convention), and Anime Weekend Atlanta (world’s longest running AMV room).

In between his very busy schedule, he still manages to make AMVs whenever he can.