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Sponsorship and Promotional Opportunities!

Our sponsorship and advertising options offer a variety of ways to connect with our attendees.  Many opportunities are pre-scheduled and take place in the months leading up to the event, as well as on site. These avenues include print media, social media, event sponsorship, and e-application advertising.

For further pricing and more information please review our comprehensive advertising

Events, Tournaments or Screening Room Sponsorship

Our partnership is normally done as an in-kind advertising exchange with a variety of ways to connect with our attendees. Our promotional opportunities are pre-scheduled and take place in the months leading up to the event, as well as on site. As a community sponsor we can offer the following opportunities:

Event sponsorship starts as low as $150.00, and depending on tier, can include:

  • Related event print promotional materials acknowledgment.
  • Company logo featured on Ai-Kon’s website leading up to and following the event.
  • Shout out of partnership via Ai-Kon’s Social media outlets including: Facebook
  • k, Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram.
  • Pending relevancy identified as a tournament sponsor on-site, and logo included on live-stream graphics.
  • Convention on-site space for pop-banners and promotional items from your business.
  • Company sponsored “advertisement video” to play before and during related events.
  • Exclusive naming rights to convention area space.

Registration Bags – this opportunity is only available to convention sponsors and community partners

Share your business with attendees at Ai-Kon 2018! Ai-Kon’s attendee registration bags offer a wonderful opportunity to connect with our attendees and draw new customers to your business.  These bags are highly popular and past participants have reported excellent return.

Programming is the core of Ai-Kon’s continued success, but often it’s the personalized swag that make an event special for attendees. Ensure that your business is remembered and associated with the fun, exciting experiences of our convention.

  • Printed materials, such as handbills, lanyard, posters, magnets and stickers are perfect for these highly anticipated registration bags.
  • Golden Ticket Items: Unique small quantities of items are randomly distributed amongst the attendee bags. “Lucky Bags” are highly popular in Japan and at anime conventions across North America; attendees hunt through the bags to become more familiar with your company and other offers that you have available to them.

Print Edition Guidebook

With it’s sleek modern design these have grown from just a handy convention tool to a now coveted collectors item. There are many advertising options available to suit your needs and price point.

Spots are very limited, reservations are at a first-come first served basis and spaces do sell out early.

  • Full colour
  • Seen by thousands of attendees
  • Drive traffic to your booth or store with special offers of discounts or promote products.
  • A great chance to advertise your company to your target demographic

Guidebook Phone App

Ai-Kon is making the transition to the green future with our upgraded 2018 Guidebook phone app.

When an attendee sees an ad in a printed program, they have no ability to get more information or to take action. But if a user sees a sponsor banner in a mobile app, they can click on it to get more information about a business, follow a map to the booth, or even make a purchase.

  • Easily browse interactive map, schedules, and more for our convention.
  • Events apps are available and synced on mobile tablet and web.
  • Guides work offline! No internet connection needed once the guide is downloaded.

The Great Ai-Kon Raffle

The Great Ai-Kon Raffle is returning to our marketplace, by popular demand! As in the previous year’s, Ai-Kon will be running a fundraiser raffle over the course of the weekend.

Process raised go directly into prizing for future tournaments, game shows and contests at the convention.

If you wish to donate prizes for the raffle, this would grant you additional on-site, and social media exposure; gift certificates and merchandise donations are suitable. All donations are acknowledged and appreciated!

We’d love to participate, what’s next?

Please email contacts us via email at with the following information:

  • Contact Information
  • Preferred URL for internet traffic to be directed, along with all social media handles.
  • High resolution, vector logo in color, and black and white. Square layouts are preferred.

From there we can arrange a meeting to review opportunities, venue restrictions, and important deadlines (see below) so you can optimize exposure to our audience.

May 1st, 2018 – Guidebook advertising deadline.

June 1st, 2018 – Maximum social media pushes, and video ad deadline.

July 9th, 2018 – Registration bag and prizing drop-off deadline.

July 15th, 2018 –  Raffle Participation

Ai-Kon is proud to promote our local businesses and growth in our community!
Please allow us to share with our attendees all your company has to offer.