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Ai-Kon Online 2020

Ai-Kon Online will be taking place July 25 & 26th, 2020. 

Streaming, pre-recorded content releases, online marketplace & expanded Discord server will take place July 25 & 26th, with the week leading up to the event focused on highlighting our community and having positive social media interactions as a whole.

This is a free event.

We’re excited to also announce our first streaming guest Crunchyroll! Get ready for the Virtual Crunchyroll Panel!

2020 Online Schedule!

All times in Central Daylight Time (GMT-5)

Saturday July 25th 2020

12:00 PM – Online Marketplace Live (Ai-Kon Discord Server & Website)

12:30 PM – Exhibitor Hallway Open (Ai-Kon Discord Server)

1:00 PM Opening Ceremonies – The Ai-Kon Staff recommends ( Facebook Live)

1:15 PM Shonen Dice; An Anime Actual Play (Twitch)

2:00 PM BJD 101 (Discord Chat Available) (Facebook Live)

2:30 PM Maid Cafe Open (Ai-Kon Discord Server)

3:00 PM Name That Tune (Twitch)

4:00 PM The 404s Present: The Improv League of Improvisers (Twitch)

4:15 PM Maid Cafe Q&A (Ai-Kon Discord Server)

6:00 PM Extra Life Charity Stream (Twitch)

7:00 PM Fun & Games with Crunchyroll (Facebook Live)

7:30 PM Furry Q&A (Ai-Kon Discord Server)

8:00 PM Anison & Jpop: Trends and participation (Twitch)

10:00 PM Digital Rave with #ENVtuber ReDGE-P @DJMusicStudio (Twitch)

10:30 PM Japanese Urban Legends & Ghost Stories ( Facebook Live)

Sunday July 26th, 2020

11:00 AM Doodling Fun with Stellazium (Twitch)

1:00 PM Randomizer Showcasing (Twitch)

2:00 PM Winnipeg Streamers Community Meetup (Facebook Live)

3:00 PM Crunchyroll and the Cosplay Contest (Facebook Live)

3:15 PM Live Stream with AnimeHero (Twitch)

5:00 PM Drawing Furry Artwork (Twitch)

7:00 PM Politics? In [i]my[/i] anime?It’s more likely than you’d think (Twitch)

Online Marketplace

Browse our online directory resource located at to find our beloved artists and vendors. Use the filters and sorting system to hone in on exactly what you’re looking for. Button makers? Posters? Figures? Bubble tea?

Each artist and vendor have a detailed business description so you can get the information you need on commissions, shipping, and more! Many of our marketplace participants have options to accommodate business in today’s distanced shopping experience.

Check it out!