July 27–29, 2018

RBC Convention Centre, 375 York Ave., Winnipeg

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Ai-Kon has teamed up with The Escape Hatch to bring you some special pop-up escape rooms!


NEW FOR WINTERFEST 2018:  Himitsu no rāmen

The new ramen shop downtown is the talk of the town! It has the best reviews, the critics rave about the service and the heavenly flavours make the foodies faint.   Reservations are impossible to make, and favors are called just to get a table.

However, the restaurant serves a different purpose, a more functional one…  It is a proving ground for entry into the Hero’s League.  Potential initiates are invited to the restaurant to prove themselves worthy.

You and your friends are excited to receive a strange invitation for Winterfest Saturday. Complete a series of challenges to be invited to join their ranks!

This is your time to prove yourself!

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a real-life room full of physical and mental puzzles and clues that you must solve in order to ‘escape’ the room and win. While working as a team, you are only given a certain amount of time to complete the tasks and find your way out.

The room is designed to be suitable for all ages and accessible.

How does it works?

These 15-minute experiences are FREE with your admission to Ai-Kon!

A 5 dollar deposit is required to reserve your slot, this is returned to you upon your arrival for your scheduled escape time.

Small groups or individuals may be placed with others to maximize the number of participants. Don’t worry about working with strangers it frequently advantageous to have different minds and backgrounds as the problems exercise different mental skills.

Can’t get enough escaping?

Check out our friends at Escape Hatches location on portage avenue for two great experiences: