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Maid Café

Welcome to the Ai-Kon Maid Cafe! Take a seat and let our maids and butlers serve you up some entertainment and tasty treats! Each one of our maids and butlers has a distinct and quirky personality that they can’t wait to show off, so come by at any time during our open hours to play games, have a bite to eat, and make some new friends! Tickets for regular seatings can be purchased outside the Maid Cafe room during our open hours for $15.

We hope to see you there!

MONSTER HOSPITAL!! (18+ event)

New this year, the Maid Cafe is presenting a Friday night special event: MONSTER HOSPITAL!! (18+ event)

This horror-themed evening of gruesome games and creepy confections will have you absolutely spooked!  We will be serving gory red velvet cake paired with a half-pint of good old-fashioned blood!
Tickets for this event can be purchased on Friday afternoon during our open hours for $20.

Cafe and Hospital Hours:

  • Friday, July 27th3:00 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Friday July 27th MONSTER HOSPITAL (18+): 9:00PM – 11:00PM
  • Saturday, July 28th: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Meet the Staff In Advance: Maid Cafe Bios!


What is a Maid Café?

Originating from Japan, a Maid Café is where waitresses and waiters dress in maid/butler costumes and treat you not as café patrons but as masters/mistresses in private residents. They don’t just serve you, but perform songs & dance and play games with you as well! It’s a delightful time and a very distinctly Japanese experience (but with an Ai-Kon twist)!