Ai-Kon 2022

The 20th Anniversary Edition

July 22-24, 2022

RBC Convention Centre

Programming > Events and Panels

Event name: Amigurumi 101- how to create characters from yarn

Host: Nagi

Description: Learn how to single crochet your way into your very own Pokemon! Together we will go over the basics of working in a round to create a ball shape, which we will then decorate into our very own Ghastly! 

Event name: Anatomy of a Best Boy

Host: Canephora and Miasmacaron

Description: What attributes contribute to a “Best Boy”?

Two scientific minds present their findings from years of study.

Don’t miss the power point presentation of a lifetime!

Event name: Anime on Film: Theatrical Anime You May Have Missed!

Host: ChandyRan

Description: With 50 new anime series coming out each season, it’s easy to overlook the films that have come out each year. Join us as we look at anime movies, both retro and modern, franchise-based and original. Come and find your new favourite movie!

Event name: Anime Song Appreciation: The “Let’s Chill and Watch Some OPs/EDs” Hour!

Host: Rosey

Description: Who among us can say they’ve never watched their favorite openings and endings for hours on end!? Well, I say we should do it all together! Drop a note with your favorite OP/ED in the suggestion box by Registration, and it may just get played!

Event name: Anime Song Sing Along Returns!

Host:  Rosey

Description: We all love singing along to our favorite songs, and anime is no different! From “I wanna be the very best!” to “Sasageyo, Sasageyo! Shinzou wo Sasageyo!”, come sing with your fellow fans and let your voice be heard!

Event name: Create-a-Character! A DIY Protaganist!

Host: Canephora and Miasmacaron

Description: It’s part improv! It’s part art demo!

Audience suggestions help flesh out the Ultimate Anime Protagonist in real time as they are drawn on screen.

Event name: Cringe Culture Confessionals

Host: Canephora and Miasmacaron

Description: Cringe culture is dead.

Let your meditation guides help you let go of feelings of past cringe.

Repeat after me: I am cringe, but I am free.

Event name: Crochet Corner 

Host: Angry Taco Crochet

Description: Whether you’re new to crochet and want to learn the basics, a little more advanced and want to start making Amigurumi, or maybe you just want to unwind and hang out with some yarn buddies come join us! 

Event name: Getting into Gundam

Host:  Nick Mulligan-Symak

Description: The Gundam franchise is massive, spanning anime, video games, model kits, and more. Where do you even start? Join Nick for a look over the franchise’s history and to get an idea of how to find a good entry point.

Event name: Hentai Bingo

Host: Jeff & Emily

Description: Hentai Bingo is back, baby! Hear some numbers! Put some chips down! Win fun prizes! Hosted by the awesome folks over at Riverside.

Event name: J-Pop 101

Host: karl-chan

Description: Do you like city pop/vaporwave/future funk? Are you an idol wota? Do you like anime songs? Are you a vocaloid fan? Do you like the weird side of YouTube? The world of Japanese pop awaits…

Event name: Joysound Karaoke

Host: Andrew

Description: Come sing your your heart out! Open Karaoke using the Japanese Karaoke app Joysound on the Nintendo Switch.

Event name: K-Pop 101

Host: karl-chan

Description: Do you like BTS? Is BLACKPINK in YOUR area? Do you like OSTs? Are you a 2nd-generation stan? Do you love survival shows? The world of Korean pop awaits…

Event Name: K-PopRandom Dance Challenge Presented by Snowy Day Idols

Host: Snowy Day Idols

Description: The return of our beloved Ai-kon marks the return of the ever-so popular Random K-Pop Dance Game! Join other K-Pop fans and dance the night away for this fun and fast paced dance game!

Event name: K-POP Random Play Dance Challenge Presented by TEMPO Dance Crew

Host: TEMPO Dance Crew

Description: If you love K-POP and dancing then this is for you! Share your passion and join the fun of dancing to the top K-POP hit songs!

Come test your knowledge of K-POP choreography and meet new friends along the way!

Event Name: Lip Sync Duels!

Host: Justin Ladia

Description: Two otakus will stand before you… this is their last chance to impress and save themselves from elimination. The time has come, for them to lip sync for their life… to your favourite anime and J-pop songs! Who will slay and who will sashay?

Event Name: Lolita Fashion 101

Host: Victoria

Description: A beginner Friendly intro on how to wear Lolita and the different aspects of Lolita. If you have ever seen a Lolita and thought wow I wish I could wear that, this panel will give you the start you need!

Event Name: Lolita Meet and Greet

Host: Victoria

Description: A Lolita meet for all those who are interested in Lolita Fashion! No need to dress up if you are not comfortable or your wardrobe is not ready! Come and meet the local community and get to know each other!

Event Name: No Wota? No Idol? Wotagei, Chikagei, and Anikura

Host: jyoukazu 

Description: Come join us as we will teach you how to perform wotagei/otagei, a high energy dance style popular with anisong/idol/seiyuu fans in Japan. 


Host: Justin Ladia

Description: “Jan! Ken! Pon!” Compete for glory and prizes in this one-shot bracket-style Rock Paper Scissors Tournament! Not playing? Bet on the winner in this high-stakes game of janken! Who’s going to come out on top?

Event Name: Open Mic Karaoke

Host: Kevin

Description: Got an itch to sing something? Then this is for you! Put your song request in the queue and take the mic on your turn! Open to all attendees of any age and singing level, so all we ask is family friendly and anime- or Japan-related songs only.

Event Name: Punch Party Live Band

Host: Punch Party

Description: Come and watch Punch Party Live band play some Jpop/anime/other songs in general and you may find that your favorite anime songs is being played 😉

Event Name: SeriesAi Presents: Ai-kon Anikura Vol. 2 With Joukazu and Mikanmaru24!

Host:  SeriesAi

Description: Anikura at Ai-kon is back! A sequel to DJ H1BKI’s Anikura panel, join our resident DJs  as they play some of your favorite songs from Anime, Jpop, Vtuber, and Video Games!

Prepare to Dance and Cheer all night! 

Event Name: Terrible Video Games 2: Who Let Them Make A Sequel

Host: Mitchell

Description: Terrible video games return! Gaze in confusion and slight terror as I explore some of gaming’s worst bombs, train wreaks and garbage fires. You may even have a chance to play some of these disasters!

Event Name: The Best New Anime Since Last Ai-kon!

Host: Leafgun

Description: A look at some of the best anime that have aired since we last gathered in person for Ai-kon (in 2019)!

Event Name: Uncle Jennah’s Yaoi Story Time!

Host: Bakajennah

Description: Join Uncle Jennah, with some 18+ Yaoi bedtime stories! Uncle Jennah needs YOUR help to tell these stories, so get ready for audience precipitation, games and prizes! Get your Kigurumi on and come to a bedtime story you won’t forget!

Event Name: Unpopular Opinions

Host: Unpopular Opinions

Description: We’re back! Come and join us as we discuss, debate, and yell at each other over opinions about Japanese cartoons. Be ready to back up your hot takes and join us!

Event Name: Urban Legends & Ghost Stories: 20th Anniversary Edition

Host: Felicia

Description: Back from the grave for another year, Ai-Kon’s Urban Legends & Ghost Stories panel! 

Join us on a tour through some of Japan’s most chilling tales, from traditional folklore to the modern internet. Are you prepared to get spoopy?

Event Name: Video Game Jeopardy

Host: Mitchell

Description: This Is Jeopardy! This is a game show all about video games and the surrounding culture!

Event Name: YFU BABY Performance

Host: Giga Music Group

Description: Anime’s influence has spread far and wide— even in the virtual world! Meet YFU BABY, a new 3D virtual music artist who has amassed a music-loving following since her debut. She is ready to put on a show! Tune in for a full 3D musical performance! 

Event Name: Vtubers Anonymous

Host: Vtubers

Description: Whether you like, addicted to, are, or disappointed by a Vtuber, this support group meeting is here for those who are into Vtubers or are considering to “Become Waifu”. -Masks Required

Event Name: VTubing 101

Host: Keiko Hitachiin

Description: How can you become a VTuber? What’s it like to grow on Twitch? How do you come up with an original concept that’s all your own?

Keiko will be answering all these questions and more as she deep dives into the world of Vtubing!

Event Name: YouTube Hell

Host:  The Sick Vid Council

Description: Come and see an hour of the absolute worst (and some of the best) that the depths of YouTube has to offer! You will laugh, you will cry, you will cringe, and you will simply be amazed to see what our “favourite” video sharing site has to offer!

Guest Panels

Terri Hawkes

Sailor Moon and Girl Culture –

Join the voice behind the iconic role of Serena from Sailor Moon, in an open panel on the empowerment of females in pop culture and female role models in the industry.

Lady Ada’s Secret Society Showing and Q&A with Terri Hawkes –

Four girls rebel against their hyper-traditional boarding school by pranking it using technology they invented, hacked or “borrowed” while staying only one step ahead of their horrible Headmistress, Mrs Hein. Join Terri Hawkes (Mrs. Hein) for this amazing look into the show, with a Q&A to follow. 

Bryson Baugus

Q&A and Signing 

From “Haikyu!!” and “Food Wars”, to “Is It Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?”, join Bryson Baugus in a Q&A about your favourite shows!

How to Voice Act from Home 

Have you ever wanted to know what you need to get started with voice acting? Professional voice actor Bryson Baugus (Haikyuu!!, Attack on Titan, Food Wars) will give a presentation on what equipment you need to create a home studio and start acting! 

Haikyu!! Ready, Set, Serve! (with greg?) 

Join Greg and Bryson (Yuu Noshinoya and Shoyo Hinata) for an hour of discussion on your favourite volleyball anime!

Jackbox with Voice Actors (18+)
Bring your funny bone and join in to the popular party game, hosted by Bryson Baugus!

Kaiji Tang

Q&A with Kaiji Tang

Kaiji Tang answers your burning questions about his featured anime, such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Berserk, Bungo Stray Dogs, and more! 

Signing with Kaiji – Crunchyroll Booth 

Jujutsu Kaisen Q&A

Have any questions about Jujutsu Kaiju? The voice actor of Gojo answers your questions in a Q&A session! 

Greg Ayres

It Gets Better – Anime Con Edition
The “It Gets Better” project in response to a string of teen suicides by kids who were bullied because they were perceived to be gay. Sadly bullying is something that happens to 1 in 4 teens. Join us as we share out stories, and talk about ways we can all help and support each other and find light at the end of the tunnel. It really does get better! 

Q&A – Signing 

Group 18+ Panel 

Evenings with Isabelle – Combating Depression and Anxiety with Animal Crossing and Fandom
A large number of anime and gaming fans deal with depression on a daily basis. In that daily struggle many of us have turned to games and online communities for comfort and cool down. From gamers kept company by “lets play” videos and online content creators, to acting mayors of towns filled with talking animals – come discuss how gaming and fandom have helped you through the rough patches of your day to day adventures.

Rock M Sakura (All 18+) 

18+ Rock M Sakura Q&A
The amazing Rock M Sakura takes you on a Drag transformation in this Q&A! 

Veronica Taylor 

‘I Choose You’ Q&A –
For years, Veronica Taylor has been lending her voice to Pokemon and teaching generation after generation of young Pokemon fans the importance of friendship. Come ask this living legend of anime all about her journey to catching them all! 

The World of Pokemon with Veronica Taylor
Join the original english voice of Ash Ketchum as she takes you through the World of Pokemon! 

Create a Character  –
A  workshop with Veronica Taylor: Create a character and work with Veronica on the art of creating specialized voices for new characters. For everyone of all ages. Bring your creativity and energy! 

Group Panel – 

Jackbox with Voice Actors 18 +
Bring your funny bone and join in to the popular party game, hosted by Bryson Baugus!


TITLE: Hanging out with Crunchyroll

DESCRIPTION: Come and hang out and let us know what is on your mind. Nothing is sacred, ask about the office in San Francisco, what it’s like to be on the road, or even ask a thing or two about anime. Just keep in mind, somethings you cannot unhear, and some questions don’t always have answers.” 

TITLE: Notice Me Senpai!

DESCRIPTION: What would you do to have Crunchyroll Senpai Hime notice you? Hime has sent a representative to carry out the judging to see if you have what it takes to be noticed. Come prepared, if you are one of the chosen participants you will have an opportunity to complete a task designed to see how creative, inventive, impressive, or even just plain desperate to be noticed by Senpai. 

TITLE: Anime Confessions

DESCRIPTION: Prepare your ears for real anime confessions! The odd, the strange, the things only fellow Otakus would understand or confess to. Want to lift a burden off your chest? Drop off your own confessions at the Crunchyroll confessions box at the Crunchyroll booth or Before the start of (a box awaits you) the confessions panel. No judgment! Or, maybe a little.


The 404s Present: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Advice Panel) (18+)

How do you get a con girlfriend? What anime should I watch this season? How do you hide a dead body? The 404s are here to help with any questions you may have with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Advice panel! Bring your craziest questions to our panelists and get three hilariously different perspectives on what you should do. **Disclaimer** Advice given from the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Advice panelists is meant for entertainment purposes only and it’s probably not the best idea to take advice from comedians in the first place.

The 404s Present: The Improv League of Improvisors

Two teams of 404s battle it out to be crowned the Champions of the Improv League of Improvisors. Your votes decide who the victor of each scene is and ultimately help decide which team is the Champion. With the cast divided and the lines drawn, who will come out on top?

The 404s Present: The Last Pants Standing Show (18+)

When the sun goes down The 404s let loose. Their improv gets suggestive and their attire gets steamier. You hold the power in this 18+ comedy show. When it comes to who gets to keep their pants or lose their shorts, it’s your cheers that will determine the fate of each 404.

The 404s Present: All-Ages Improvaganza

Check out The 404s as they entertain the masses in this suitable for all ages improv showcase.  They will take your suggestions and make up original scenes using their vast knowledge of anime and geekdom culture. Don’t miss this last performance from The 404s at Ai-Kon.