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2019 Puzzle Hunt Puzzles

The theme for the 2019 Puzzle Hunt was “Heroes of Konia“. Participants, otherwise known this year as “Heroes”, searched for ten puzzles around the RBC Convention Centre. Each puzzle was based on a specific RPG character class, and Heroes were tasked on recruiting each character class for their party to defeat Aragrim, the leader of the Dneadu (which, when anagrammed, spells “Undead”), who is threatening the Kingdom of Konia (anagrams to “Ai-Kon”). The winner of the Puzzle Hunt, known as the “One True Hero” of Konia, received a handsome prize package which included a Bag of Holding with loot and free passes to Winterfest and Ai-Kon 2020.

Each Hero was given a Tome of Knowledge to help them solve some of the puzzles. This Tome can be found here.

The puzzles for the 2019 Ai-Kon Puzzle Hunt, and their solutions are below:

#PuzzleSolve Rate*Puzzle LinkSolution Link
1The Warrior85.71%PuzzleSolution
2The Bard 44.16%PuzzleSolution
3The Barbarian80.52%PuzzleSolution
4The Cleric 61.04%PuzzleSolution
5The Monk 55.84%PuzzleSolution
6The Ranger59.74%PuzzleSolution
7The Knight 28.57%PuzzleSolution
8The Rogue 11.69%PuzzleSolution
9The Sorcerer63.64%PuzzleSolution
10The Wizard66.23%PuzzleSolution

*Solve Rate refers to the percentage of correct answers submitted to Puzzle Hunt HQ out of the total number of Answer Sheets submitted.

In total, only 6 out of 77 Heroes solved all ten puzzles correctly.

The Kingdom of Konia’s One True Hero was Emma Collins, who was knighted in front of the Kingdom’s people.

We hope you enjoyed the very first Ai-Kon Puzzle Hunt, and we’ll try to be back next year!