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1. The Warrior – Solution

In this puzzle, Heroes must identify which of the Seven Sailor Scouts: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune or Pluto holds the right weapon. 

Throughout the Convention Centre, seven QR codes displayed on postcard-sized cards were visible areas of the convention. The places where the QR codes can be found were:

  • The Merchandise Table, which later was replaced by the Puzzle Hunt HQ
  • Inside the JCAM Room
  • Outside the Maid Cafe, which later was moved to one of the tables in the Video Games Lounge
  • Next to one of the arcade games in the Video Games Lounge
  • The Registration Desk
  • The Cosplay Table
  • On the Raffle Table Bench

By scanning a QR code, Heroes earn a clue to the identity of the correct Guardian. Only one of the Guardians have all seven clues apply to them.

The seven clues are as follows:

  • The weapon’s length is long.
    Venus’ Flail, Jupiter’s Spear, Saturn’s Scythe, Neptune’s Trident, and Pluto’s Staff
  • The guardian’s hair does not go past their shoulders.
    Mercury, Saturn, Uranus
  • No letters repeat in the weapon’s name.
    Jupiter’s Spear, Saturn’s Scythe, and Uranus’ Sword
  • The guardian’s name has either 5 or 6 letters.
    Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto
  • The planet the guardian represents is named after one of the gods of messengers, war, agriculture, or the sea.
    Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune
  • The guardian’s symbol does not have a complete circle in it.
    Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto
  • The planet the guardian represents has moons, but it does not have the least or most amongst the planets that have moons.
    Saturn’s 62, Uranus’ 27, Neptune’s 14, and Pluto’s 5

As only Saturn applies to all seven clues, the solution to this puzzle was SATURN.

We also accepted SCYTHE and HOTARU TOMOE.