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3. The Barbarian – Solution

In this puzzle, Heroes must identify the Pokémon based on their silhouettes and determine the number of XP earned per Round based on specific rules. If a Pokémon “wins”, they add XP that round, if they “lose” they subtract XP. The Pokémon, and the XP earned each round are as follows:

1The monster’s numberVileplume, WIN4545
Drowzee, LOSE96-96
Kadabra, WIN6464
2Number of letters in the monster’s nameMarowak, LOSE7-7
Muk, LOSE3-3
Omastar, WIN77
Venomoth, WIN88
3The monster’s number + The number of 1st Generation evolutions it has (not including itself)Spearow, WIN21122
Poliwag, WIN60262
Scyther, LOSE1230-123
Growlithe, WIN58159
4Number of letters in the monster’s name + Number of letters in its typeShellder (Water), LOSE85-13
Dragonair (Dragon), WIN9615
Rapidash (Fire), WIN8412
Machoke (Fighting), WIN7815
Seel (Water), LOSE45-9
5The monster’s number + Number of syllables in name – Number of eyes it hasWeezing, WIN1102-4108
Starmie, LOSE12120-123
Magneton, LOSE823-3-82
Aerodactyl, WIN1424-2144
Dugtrio, LOSE513-6-48
Weedle, WIN132-213
6[(Number of consonants in their name*number of vowels)-10 IF it has a tail]
Nidoqueen, WIN45-1010
Kingler, LOSE520-10
Articuno, WIN44-106
Farfetch’d, WIN72-104
Golem, WIN3206
Kangaskhan, LOSE73-10-11

The total number of XP earned each round: 13, 5, 20, 20, 12, 5, when converted into the letter of the alphabet in that numeric position (A=1, B=2, and so on) spells out the answer to this puzzle: METTLE.