2019 Puzzle Hunt Puzzles > 4. The Cleric

4. The Cleric

Solve Rate: 61% of Heroes successfully solved this puzzle.

The Solution: Find the solution to this puzzle here.

You’ve been told by a local barkeep that the Cleric you’re searching for performs her daily worship rituals at the Altar in the centre of the kingdom.  You spot the Cleric exactly where the barkeep said she would be, so you make a note to give him a hearty tip next time you see him. You decide not to disturb her ritual, but it doesn’t take long for her to finish.

“Thank you for respecting the ritual, Hero,” she says to you as she approaches you gracefully. “I suspect, however, that you are here for a reason.” You are unsure whether or not she already knows, but you relay the information to her anyway and ask for her support. She asks for you to wait a moment, and she leaves the room. When she returns, you spot two stone tablets in her hands. 

“Hero, I am bound by the light of truth and wish to only lend my powers to those who know the same. Study the runes of these tablets and find their truth so that I may trust in your abilities as Hero.” The runes are unintelligible, but you read the words above them and figure that they may help you.

Study these runes. What is the truth the Cleric wants you to find? Put this word on the answer sheet.

Some puzzles may require some knowledge from the Tome. Some might not. In case you need it, here it is.

Huntmaster’s Note: During the Puzzle Hunt, an error in one of the True Runes was brought to our attention. This error has been corrected in the above image. We apologize for the stress and inconvenience this has caused some Heroes during the Hunt.