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4. The Cleric – Solution

In this puzzle, Heroes need to identify which runes are different from each True Rune. There can be one or more imposter rune per True Rune. In the image below, we’ve highlighted the imposter runes and where they differ:

To further clarify the differences, we’ve written them out for you here in this following table, starting in the top-left rune in the first column of the board and going from top to bottom, and ending with the bottom-right rune in the second column.

#Imposter RuneDifference
1AThe lines sticking up from the bottom line are shorter.
BThe top and bottom parts switched positions.
CThe lines in the top part of the rune were replaced with small triangles.
2AThe triangle and the circle have switched positions.
3AThe crossbars in the middle have moved to the end of the line.
BThe shorter part of the arrow has lengthened.
4AThe vertical line in the middle does not cross the top line.
EOne of the circles has been replaced by a hexagon.
5AThe semicircle moved to the top of the line.
CThe lines in the bottom part of the rune going upwards have disappeared.
DThe bottom part has its corners rounded.
6CThe middle line does not meet the semi-circles on both sides.
EThe lines for the arrows pointing inwards have disappeared.
7AThe triangles are bigger.
BThe triangles are in the wrong positions and have moved to the other lines.
COne of the lines for the triangles is missing.
DOne side of the line that crosses the “X” is a little shorter.
8AThe triangles have moved to the bottom.
EThe middle vertical line is shorter.
9AThe line in the very middle of the rune has disappeared.
BThe lines inside the curves have disappeared.
CThe inner top and bottom lines are shorter.
10AThe triangle on the right side of the rune is not closed.
BThe middle vertical line does not cross the bottom horizontal line.
DThe bottom horizontal line is missing.

The statement above the runes: give ones to those that are true, and none to the imposters indicates that runes that match the True Rune should be assigned the number “1”, and imposters “0”. By doing this, you get the following:

#Rune ARune BRune CRune DRune E

By converting these to their respective letters in Binary, you get the following:

#Rune ARune BRune CRune DRune EBinary Letter

In order, the binary numbers spell out the answer to this puzzle: COGNIZANCE.