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5. The Monk – Solution

In this puzzle, Heroes need to recognize that the places (in all caps) that Father Tonks visited in his letter are actually the names of rooms in the Convention Centre, but scrambled. The list of places referenced and unscrambled are as follows:

1I feel like taking a swim today, so I’m heading to BARNEM POOL for my morning exercise.BARNEM POOLPANEL ROOM B
2Then, I’m going to CAMELET PARK to meditate and people-watch.CAMELET PARKMARKETPLACE
3Afterwards, I’m heading to the GOODE EVANGELIUM to meet with some druids.GOODE EVANGELIUMVIDEO GAME LOUNGE
4And then I’m visiting the prisoners at the MARIN HOOSGOW to help them absolve their sins.MARIN HOOSGOWSHOWING ROOM A
5Following that, I’m going to visit GRIM GRAMPA MINNO as he requested my presence at his home.GRIM GRAMPA MINNOMAIN PROGRAMMING
6Then I’m heading to CAMP LOONER to visit the soldiers and dine with them.CAMP LOONERPANEL ROOM C
7But then for my second dinner, I’ll visit the CHOWIN’ GROOMS, my favourite pub.CHOWIN’ GROOMSSHOWING ROOM C

Heroes must then visit each room and look at what’s left behind at the entrance by Father Tonks, namely, a clue on the electronic door sign found at the entrance to each room. The clues are mostly on the bottom-right of the sign (except for the Video Game Lounge’s) and each one yields a specific letter. The signs and their letters are:

In Braille, the two dots represent the letter B.

In Morse, .-. represents the letter R.

Here, the letter E is underlined in the name of the room.

212 in Ternary is the letter W.

The “reflection of sound” is an echo, which is the NATO codeword for the letter E.

The hexagon refers to Hexadecimal, and according to the Tome of Knowledge, 12 in Hexadecimal refers to the letter R.

XXV is the Roman numeral for 25. The 25th letter of the alphabet is Y.

Collecting these letters in order spells out the place where you’ll find Father Tonks and the answer to this puzzle: BREWERY.

Other electronic door signs have clues as well, but are decoys.