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8. The Rogue – Solution

In this puzzle, Heroes need to look at the four lists of video games and anime and identify from that information what object the Rogue is looking for. The solution here is hard to find but is fairly simple.

Each list contains all the letters of the alphabet, except for one. The missing letter from each list taken in order spells out the answer. For your information, the lists and their missing letters are as follows:

Black ButlerPaper MarioPokemon Sword & ShieldYuri!!! on Ice
Hunter X HunterCode GeassDragon QuestDragonball Z
Vampire KnightDetective School QXenoblade ChroniclesSword Art Online
Inazuma ElevenBlazBlue Alter MemoryJojo’s Bizarre AdventureBlack Jack
Final FantasyMy Hero AcademiaFullmetal AlchemistDevil May Cry
Heat Guy JCrusher JoePaRappa the RapperThe Quintessential Quintuplets
Queen EmeraldasHetalia: Axis PowersAttack on TitanAnimal Crossing: New Leaf
Little Witch AcademiaFruits BasketFood Wars!Chrono Trigger
Missing LetterONYX

Another way of approaching this puzzle is by remembering that Rogues are thieves, and so it perhaps is more important to find what’s missing than what’s present.

The item the Rogue is looking for and the answer to this puzzle is ONYX.