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  • Pick up an official Puzzle Hunt 2019 Answer Sheet at Puzzle Hunt HQ, located in the Marketplace. You only get one so don’t lose it!
  • Find and solve the ten puzzles scattered around Ai-Kon. You have from Friday, July 26 at 12 PM to Sunday, July 28 at 3 PM to solve them. They’re only up for a limited time each day, so find them when you can. 
  • Write in your answers on the Answer Sheet.
  • When you’re done, hand in your Answer Sheet at Puzzle Hunt HQ. You get one raffle ticket per correct answer, but you won’t know which puzzles you got right.
  • At the end of the con, one ticket will be drawn to win the grand prize.


  • Scattered throughout the RBC Convention Centre are ten boards, each with a unique puzzle. Each puzzle is named after one of ten RPG classes: The Warrior, The Bard, The Barbarian, The Cleric, The Monk, The Ranger, The Knight, The Rogue, The Sorcerer, and The Wizard. Puzzles range in difficulty and require different skills and abilities to solve.
  • Each puzzle when solved will yield a single-word answer, except for one, the Knight’s puzzle, which yields a time. Giving a correct answer is equivalent to recruiting that puzzle’s class of adventurer.
  • Puzzle boards will be up from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Friday, 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Saturday, and 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Sunday, unless otherwise directed.
  • Between 12:00 PM on Friday, July 26th to 3:00 PM on Sunday, July 28th; Puzzle Hunt participants, also known this year as “Heroes”, must solve as many puzzles as they can and record them on an official answer sheet.
  • Heroes can pick up an official answer sheet at Puzzle Hunt HQ located in the Marketplace. Puzzle Hunt HQ is subject to the Marketplace’s hours. Each hero will be given only one (1) answer sheet to write down their answer to each of the ten puzzles, SO DON’T LOSE YOURS! When receiving an answer sheet, the back of your badge will be stamped to indicate that you received an answer sheet. When a Hero picks up an answer sheet, they also receive a “Hero of Konia” badge ribbon (while supplies last) to show that they’re participating and supporting the fight against Aragrim.
  • Once heroes are ready to hand in their answers, they must go back to Puzzle Hunt HQ when and where Puzzle Hunt moderators are present. Heroes will hand in their answer sheet to one of the moderators, who will check whether the answers given by the hero are correct.
  • For every correct answer, a Puzzle Hunt moderator will give a hero one (1) raffle ticket to enter the raffle for the grand prize. However, the moderator will not reveal which of the answers were correct, if any. 
  • Once an answer sheet is given to the moderator for submission, it will not be returned to the hero. After submitting a sheet, the back of the hero’s badge will be stamped again to indicate that they’ve submitted their answer sheet. Heroes are allowed only one (1) puzzle sheet during the hunt.
  • Most puzzles will make use of codes. To aid heroes, a “Tome of Knowledge” will be available to view online. The Tome of Knowledge can be accessed via QR code on the answer sheet or by going to the Ai-Kon website.
  • Googling is allowed and even encouraged.
  • At 6:00 PM on Sunday, July 28th, one (1) raffle ticket will be drawn to determine who wins the grand prize.
  • Moderators, volunteers, guests, artists, vendors, and staff are not eligible to win the grand prize, and may not be able to aid heroes in their quest.