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Punklette Originals Artist charms, commissions, fashion, jewelry, keychains, sculptures Chainmaille, scalemaille, and mix-media pieces inspired by Japanese themes of anime, cyberpunk, avant garde, tech, mathematics, and horror.
Morphozephyrart Artist charms, keychains, mystery bags, posters, prints, stickers, zines I sell posters, stickers, charms, and a single zine about eeveelutions as magical girls. I have many different fandoms, especially in my stickers.
Clover Alters / Madison Gibbons Artist dice, original art, paintings, pins, prints, stickers, washi tape A one-woman run art studio, primarily featuring anime and kawaii art. I sell enamel pins, prints, postcards, stickers, and trading card art.
Huzzah Creations Artist backpacks, bags, beach robes, cloaks, clothing, dresses, face masks, hair accessories, kitchenware, scarves, wallets, resuable pouches Handmade custom accessories and unisex clothing both nerdy and simple.
CYSYS Artist commissions, original art, prints I make illustrations both original and fanart.
Vee's Cubees Artist canvas, cosplay, paintings, perler Pixel art created with perler beads. 3D figurines, painted canvases and magnets. Cosplay props and accessories by order.
Black's Sideshow Artist buttons, comics, commissions, digital, original art, paintings, prints Black's Sideshow provides visual entertainment for fandom fans, geeks, and furry folks who delight in unexpected humour. I create art and comics!
Chammie Goods Artist buttons, charms, lanyards, pins, stickers, wallets Fan merch of various series such as: BNHA, HxH, Kingdom Hearts, Overwatch, Steven Universe, and more!
Nella and Ichigo Vendor ball jointed dolls, decor, dolls, figures, keychains, plush, posters, wall scrolls New, opened and gently used anime goods at very reasonable prices. We have merch from a variety of titles, especially Love Live! and Idolm@ster
Misc Marion Artist buttons, keychains, mugs, notebooks, notepads, pocket mirrors, pop grips, wallets I make quality printed fanart goods. I have a fair selection of items & offer a large catalogue of button designs! Offering free delivery in Winnipeg.