Winterfest Online 2021

Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Company NameTypeMerchandiseDescription
AceyBee Art Artist canvas, commissions, original art, prints Vibrant prints of known media and original characters. Acrylic canvases, some even have glitter. Commissions welcome.
Alice RL Artist buttons, commissions, prints, stickers, LGBTQ2S+ LGBTQ2S+ illustrations/buttons/stickers - Anti-facist ACAB BLM if these views aren't shared don't interact.
Avery Helm Artist buttons, commissions, keychains, prints, acrylic charms Avery Helm is a graphic designer and illustrator who loves to make fanart! She offers a variety of fan merch as well as custom commissions.
Avery Illustrations Artist digital art, illustrations Avery Illustrations will feature traditional and digital art mixing Japanese culture and fan art with portraiture and general illustrations.
Avi's Secret Garden Artist dice, resin crafts I dabble in resin crafts, sewing, crafting. I sell dice, dice/jewelry boxes, antler headbands, and of course korok plushies, and more! Come say hi~
Black's Sideshow Artist buttons, comics, commissions, digital, original art, paintings, prints Black's Sideshow provides visual entertainment for fandom fans, geeks, and furry folks who delight in unexpected humour. I create art and comics!
Brownrabbits Artist charms, keychains, pins, posters, prints, stickers a family-run shop that specializes in whimsical trinkets and prints. We also run a bimonthly Patreon that makes limited edition enamel pins!
Chammie Goods Artist buttons, charms, lanyards, pins, stickers, wallets Fan merch of various series such as: BNHA, HxH, Kingdom Hearts, Overwatch, Steven Universe, and more!
Chasing Artwork Artist comics, commissions, prints Digital paintings Art books Graphic novels Canvases
Chez Rhox Inc. Vendor board games, cosplay, costumes, fashion, figures, housewares, plush Chez Rhox specializes in geek and anime merch! Find collectibles, accessories, plushies, figurines, Pop! and all sorts of goodies at reasonable price!
Christopher Benson / mogstomp Artist bookmarks, digital art, posters, prints, shadowboxes, stickers, traditional art Robots, monsters, witches and cute things! I may be waiting for shows to open again to sell products, but still doing digital art commissions!
Clover Alters / Madison Gibbons Artist dice, original art, paintings, pins, prints, stickers, washi tape A one-woman run art studio, primarily featuring anime and kawaii art. I sell enamel pins, prints, postcards, stickers, and trading card art.
Cocytus-cave Artist cards, commissions, digital, inks, mixed media, posters, prints Offering quality prints of your favourite and most hated characters. I’ll do traditional and digital commissions and cry over dried markers with you
Common Puffball feat arowzillian Vendor canvas, charms, figures, paintings, pet toys, puzzles Common Puffball is a small art studio selling anime & video game inspired art by arowzillian, as well as cat toys and second hand anime merchandise.
CYSYS Artist commissions, original art, prints I make illustrations both original and fanart.
Dark N Light Hobbies Vendor figures, keychains, mouse pads We currently sell anime figures both safe and nsfw. we only sell online at the moment but may add additional services such as drop off or pick up.
Designs by Saka Artist charms, keychains, patches, pins, stickers I mostly sell enamel pins in a variety of pop culture and anime fandoms. I also have some acrylic charms, iron on patches and stickers.
Eelbunny Artist commissions, fan art, pins, prints, stickers Cute artworks with themes of animals, disability pride, fanart, and more! Eelbunny offers vinyl stickers, prints, enamel pins, and commissions.
Enchanting Fabrications Artist book bags, coin bags, kimono, pillow covers, purses, wallets, dice bags One of a kind nerdy Purses, Bags, Dice & Coin Bags all handmade in Winnipeg. I also create Cushion Covers, facemasks & so much more! Lots of fandoms.
Evoloot Marketplace Vendor artbooks, blind boxes, cards, figures, plush, soundtracks Japanese goods importers specializing in plushies, Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Persona, Digimon, and more!
Fire and Ice Designs Artist buttons, keychains, plush, posters, prints, stickers We sell a Butt Ton of Buttons! Last year we were Buzzy Buttons but merged with another artist to become Fire and Ice Designs.
GameKnight Games and Cool Stuff Vendor board games, card games, collectible card games, dice, miniatures, painting supplies, roleplaying games GameKnight is the largest and best tabletop game store in Winnipeg. Now featuring a new online store, too!
Gongcha Vendor bubble tea, fruit tea, milk foam tea, milk tea, slush, snacks, smoothies Gongcha is a worldwide famous drink franchise brand. We offer bubble tea, milk tea, fruit tea, milk foam tea, smoothie, slush, snacks and so on.
Huzzah Creations Artist backpacks, bags, beach robes, cloaks, clothing, dresses, face masks, hair accessories, kitchenware, scarves, wallets, resuable pouches Handmade custom accessories and unisex clothing both nerdy and simple.
K0USEKI Artist bookmarks, buttons, commissions, lanyards, notebooks, pins, prints, stickers, tea I’m a northern Canadian artist who creates colourful illustrations and designs in anime style. Check out my store for various types of convention merch!
Karoshi Streetwear Vendor fashion, hats, stickers, streetstyle, streetwear, t-shirts Japanese inspired streetwear & stickers made locally.
Kiran Freak Artist buttons, pins, prints, stickers I sell gift and novelty items like buttons, pins, stickers, mugs, tote bags etc
Little Star Gifts Vendor figures, k-pop albums, k-pop products, keychains, plush 14 years in business in Winnipeg. We offer the highest quality products in the market to all local Anime & K-pop fans.
LunaPri Artist buttons, cushions, keychains, pins, stickers I'm a high class meme dealer, baby. For real I have lots of keychains,stickers, enamel pins, cushions, buttons and prints. Also, plz check my linktree.
Misc Marion Artist buttons, keychains, mugs, notebooks, notepads, pocket mirrors, pop grips, wallets I make quality printed fanart goods. I have a fair selection of items & offer a large catalogue of button designs! Offering free delivery in Winnipeg.
MKT Photography Vendor commissions, cosplay photography, photo edits, photographer, photography, photoshoots, prints Cosplay photography and special effect editing. Photographer available for photo shoots on location and in studio, and also for editing commissions!
Morphozephyrart Artist charms, keychains, mystery bags, posters, prints, stickers, zines I sell posters, stickers, charms, and a single zine about eeveelutions as magical girls. I have many different fandoms, especially in my stickers.
Nella and Ichigo Vendor ball jointed dolls, decor, dolls, figures, keychains, plush, posters, wall scrolls New, opened and gently used anime goods at very reasonable prices. We have merch from a variety of titles, especially Love Live! and Idolm@ster
Onix Angel Creations Artist cosplay, costumes, lanyards, pins, stickers Specializing in cute anthropomorphic artwork. I make original art pieces as well and costume supplies. I also create custom artwork and Fursuits.
Oomomo Japan Living Vendor baking, beauty, crafting supplies, housewares, kitchenware, snacks, stationary Oomomo is a Japanese modern lifestyle brand. We serve as a one stop shopping destination, carrying a wide selection of imported Japanese products.
PNP Games Vendor collectibles, games, video games PNP Games is a locally owned and operated video game store based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Punklette Originals Artist charms, commissions, fashion, jewelry, keychains, sculptures Chainmaille, scalemaille, and mix-media pieces inspired by Japanese themes of anime, cyberpunk, avant garde, tech, mathematics, and horror.
Raysdrawlings Artist charms, comics, commissions, prints, stickers, zines I sell Prints, Stickers, Charms, Comics, and Commissions!
reirei18 Artist bookmarks, pins, posters, prints, stickers, online art classes original anime art and fanart from: Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail, Inuyasha, Hell Girl, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, etc…
Rin Claymore Arts Artist buttons, charms, keychains, prints, stickers Make and sell anime, fantasy/RPG, and LGBTQ+ goods!
Siamurai Apparel Vendor fashion, hoodies, kimono, noragi, streetstyle, streetwear We design Japanese inspired modern street style apparel such as noragi kimono, hoodies, samurai pants, ninja pants and long skirts.
Star Cast Anime Vendor figures, keychains, model kits, plush, standees Regina based collectibles shop. Offers local pickup and shipping.
The Grinning Cat Artist commissions, drawings, paintings Hand painted acrylic art pieces on stretched canvases with specialization on video game and anime characters. Commissions available upon request.
Tok-Toy King Vendor badges, dolls, figures, posters Anime official goods (Doll, badge, Poster), Godzilla, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, DC. Various anime dolls and anime merchandise. All from Japan.
Vee's Cubees Artist canvas, cosplay, paintings, perler Pixel art created with perler beads. 3D figurines, painted canvases and magnets. Cosplay props and accessories by order.
Zero Percent Fruit Artist commissions, face masks, prints, stickers I sell mainly stickers, with some smaller prints and commissions. I really like animal crossing and clowns.