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Company NameTypeMerchandiseDescription
Zero Percent Fruit Artist commissions, face masks, prints, stickers I sell mainly stickers, with some smaller prints and commissions. I really like animal crossing and clowns.
Kiran Freak Artist buttons, pins, prints, stickers I sell gift and novelty items like buttons, pins, stickers, mugs, tote bags etc
Christopher Benson / mogstomp Artist bookmarks, digital art, posters, prints, shadowboxes, stickers, traditional art Robots, monsters, witches and cute things! I may be waiting for shows to open again to sell products, but still doing digital art commissions!
Brownrabbits Artist charms, keychains, pins, posters, prints, stickers a family-run shop that specializes in whimsical trinkets and prints. We also run a bimonthly Patreon that makes limited edition enamel pins!
Rin Claymore Arts Artist buttons, charms, keychains, prints, stickers Make and sell anime, fantasy/RPG, and LGBTQ+ goods!
The Grinning Cat Artist commissions, drawings, paintings Hand painted acrylic art pieces on stretched canvases with specialization on video game and anime characters. Commissions available upon request.
Avery Helm Artist buttons, commissions, keychains, prints, acrylic charms Avery Helm is a graphic designer and illustrator who loves to make fanart! She offers a variety of fan merch as well as custom commissions.
Enchanting Fabrications Artist book bags, coin bags, kimono, pillow covers, purses, wallets, dice bags One of a kind nerdy Purses, Bags, Dice & Coin Bags all handmade in Winnipeg. I also create Cushion Covers, facemasks & so much more! Lots of fandoms.
PNP Games Vendor collectibles, games, video games PNP Games is a locally owned and operated video game store based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Onix Angel Creations Artist cosplay, costumes, lanyards, pins, stickers Specializing in cute anthropomorphic artwork. I make original art pieces as well and costume supplies. I also create custom artwork and Fursuits.