Winterfest 2017 Dance Hosted by DJ MesoPhunk & SenPi

Hailing from Winnipeg, but with musical roots based in the underground Japanese hardcore scene, MesoPhunk and SenPi have been sharing their love of J-Core with the West since 2008. After joining California-based music label Attack The Music, which shares a similar musical goal, they have worked for Japanese producers and DJs such as M-Project, DJ Noriken and NO+CHIN, as well as Japanese vocalist yukacco to release remixes of tracks.

They have also collaborated with galaxxxy, a Japanese clothing brand based out of Shibuya, and have tracks in CROSS x BEATS, a rhythm game on the Japanese iOS store.

In addition to their productions, they have performed at Hardcore Synergy @ Anime Central and at Club MOGRA in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan as well as during many online music events streamed at various websites.

Check out some of their tracks:
DJ MesoPhunk:

Song Requests

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The Winterfest dance will be taking place 10:00PM - 1:00AM