The Ai-Kon and Winterfest Mascot Contests Are Now Open!

Posted by Ai Kon on October 22, 2018

We’re looking for a new design of both Aiko and Doug, the Ai-Kon mascots, for uses on the convention’s promotional materials and merchandise. Aiko and Doug appear on a variety of Ai-Kon promotional materials, including t-shirts, posters, flyers, badges, programs, and the Ai-Kon website.

The promise of adventures and treasures across the vast land of Ai-Kon has piqued the interest of two individuals who are now bound together as travel companions. Stopping first at the marketplace to stock up on weapons, armor, and healing items, the kind Aiko and mischievous Doug purchase wares to suit their own set of special skills. As the two set off, both think of their own personal reasons for setting out on this journey and look forward to the dungeons and creatures they will encounter. This year’s theme for both Aiko and Doug is Fantasy Role-Playing Game (RPG)We are looking for Aiko and Doug in the style of the various classes associated with JRPGs and tabletop RPGs (i.e. mage, cleric, rogue, bard, etc.).

The Winterfest Mascot Contest closes on October 26, 2018 and the Ai-Kon Mascot Contest closes on November 24, 2018. We look forward to receiving your submissions.

For all rules and guidelines, please check out our Artists page.

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