Ai-Kon 2024

July 12-14, 2024

RBC Convention Centre, Winnipeg, MB


Ai-Kon Online 2020 Schedule

Posted by Ai Kon on July 24, 2020

All times in Central Daylight Time (GMT-5)

Saturday July 25th 2020

12:00 PM – Online Marketplace Live (Ai-Kon Discord Server & Website)

12:30 PM – Exhibitor Hallway Open (Ai-Kon Discord Server)

1:00 PM Opening Ceremonies – The Ai-Kon Staff recommends ( Facebook Live)

1:15 PM Shonen Dice; An Anime Actual Play (Twitch)

2:00 PM BJD 101 (Discord Chat Available) (Facebook Live)

2:30 PM Maid Cafe Open (Ai-Kon Discord Server)

3:00 PM Name That Tune (Twitch)

4:00 PM The 404s Present: The Improv League of Improvisers (Twitch)

4:15 PM Maid Cafe Q&A (Ai-Kon Discord Server)

6:00 PM Extra Life Charity Stream (Twitch)

7:00 PM Fun & Games with Crunchyroll (Facebook Live)

7:30 PM Furry Q&A (Ai-Kon Discord Server)

8:00 PM Anison & Jpop: Trends and participation (Twitch)

10:00 PM Digital Rave with #ENVtuber ReDGE-P @DJMusicStudio (Twitch)

10:30 PM Japanese Urban Legends & Ghost Stories ( Facebook Live)

Sunday July 26th, 2020

11:00 AM Doodling Fun with Stellazium (Twitch)

1:00 PM Randomizer Showcasing (Twitch)

2:00 PM Winnipeg Streamers Community Meetup (Facebook Live)

3:00 PM Crunchyroll and the Cosplay Contest (Facebook Live)

3:15 PM Live Stream with AnimeHero (Twitch)

5:00 PM Drawing Furry Artwork (Twitch)

7:00 PM Politics? In [i]my[/i] anime?It’s more likely than you’d think (Twitch)