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July 24 – 26th, 2020!

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Ai-Kon 2020 Emerging Artists and Table Sales

Are you a new artist to Ai-Kon 2020?

Returning this year is the Emerging Artists Initiative!

Ai-Kon is happy to continue our initiative to welcome new artists into our Artist Faire and onto the convention scene! A total of eight (8) artist tables will be made available to artists who have never exhibited at Ai-Kon and/or artists who have not participated at Ai-Kon or Winterfest since 2015 (as an artist or a vendor).

We ask that artists place a focus on anime- and/or Japanese culture-related pieces that follow Ai-Kon’s scope of mandate. Emerging artists must sell their own artwork and must submit examples of this work (either in picture form or a link to an online gallery) with their application. All applications will be reviewed and approved to ensure a good fit for the artist as well as ensuring a diverse group of emerging artists within the Ai-Kon Artist Faire.

The emerging artist tables are available in half size for one artist, full size for one artist, or one artist plus a helper. Please note that only one artist is permitted to sell their works per table size purchased.

The rules regarding artwork, conduct and convention are the same as for all artists, found here!

Applications for this program are open from March 14 to March 28, 2020. All applying artists will be notified of status on March 29, 2020. General art table sales will open on April 04th, 2020 at 2:00 PM CST.

Ai-Kon 2020 Emerging Artists Initiative Application Form

Ai-Kon Marketplace Hours:

Friday, July 24: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Saturday, July 25: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Sunday, July 26: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Questions and comments can be sent to

Winterfest 2020

Winterfest 2020 has come and gone, but you can still check out all the amazing artists that participated in Winterfest 2020!

Winterfest 2020 Marketplace
Designs by SakaA2
Duck CrumbsA3
Krzysztof P.A5
Thindra HitoruPhynix CaskeyA6
Vee’s CubeesA7
Asuka H.A9
Misc MarionA10
Rin ClaymoreA11
AmymjaGraeme B.A12
Zero Percent Fruit Rea G.-C. A13
Black’s Sideshow A14
Renegade PencilA15
kate cunningA16
OtogiriMinami M.A17
Lonely Cloud Miniatures And ArtA20
LM PedersonA21
Justin Genghis KrahnA23
The Grinning CatA24
peptosisDalia D.A25
Sam Secter CeramicsA27
Huzzah CreationsA29
Adriana P.Heinzpeter P.A30
Dandizette CosmeticsA31
Avery IllustrationsA32
AceyBee Avi’s Secret Garden A33
Punklette OriginalsA35
Avery H.A36
Emilie F.A37
Maddison G.A40
Canephora CraftsA42

For any questions, please email

Reminder: There will be no artist auction at Winterfest 2020 but the auction will run at Ai-Kon 2020! More information to come.

Winterfest Mascot 2020


We have a winner – Congrats to Burningtamashi for his excellent rink-ready Doug! You can check out more of his art on Instagram

Thank you to all the wonderful artists who submitted their wonderful sporty Dougs this year! We loved them all and wish we could have given them all the gold!

You can view the Winterfest 2020 entries here!

2020 Mascot Contest

Both 2020 Mascot contests are closed. We can’t wait to announce our 2021 contests in the near future!