A.K Wirru

Ai-Kon welcomes cosplayer A.K. Wirru for Friday and Saturday!

I’m a cosplayer, costume artist and workshop presenter since 2006.
I have been unknowingly making ocpslya props since I was 5 years old when I was really into anime prop replica (specifically those really expensive Sailor Moon transformation brooches and wands…) and my parents told me “why don’t you try making your own?”. It all started from there. My free time since childhood has been spent doing one artistic project or another: prop crafting, music writing, drawing, performing etc.

I started using my skills specifically for Cosplay in 2006. Since that time I was hooked onto the craftsmanship and competitive side of cosplay crafting.
Since then I have won a bunch of events that I’m very proud of, including the World Cosplay Summit Grand Championship (2019) with my dear friend K cosplay.
…I just have a love-hate relationship with the high pressured environment of competitions!!

My main focus as a cosplayer is to make crafting as accessible to everyone as possible – cosplay is achievable for everybody from the comfort of their homes. The way I do that is by being as diverse and open-minded in my craft as possible. Ie. To not be limited to the proper way of making something, and not limited to one speciality like sewing, prop making or armour building. I love to use and learn whatever skills and medium it takes to achieve my desired result, and sharing it with everyone along the way!

I document many of my projects in the form of instructional books. I’ll have them available with me at the event. Please come check them out!
Outside of cosplay, I enjoy figure skating, eating a frightening amount of snacks, and sleeping too many hours per day.

I’m super excited to meet everyone!