Ai-Kon 2024

July 12-14, 2024

RBC Convention Centre, Winnipeg, MB

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Access Policy for Ai-Kon Events

Ai-Kon as an inclusive and family-friendly event, open to all peoples, races, and ages.


Event Site: Location of the Ai-Kon Event, for example, a series of rooms in a building.

Venue: Entity granting Ai-Kon the right to use the Event Site, for example, a hotel or convention center.

Event Staff: Ai-Kon volunteers and representatives.

Access to the Event Site:

Event Staff reserves the right to refuse admission, with or without refund (see Removal from the Event Site).

Access to the Event site is prohibited and will be refused to disruptive individuals. This includes but is not limited to individuals who:

  • Have been previously banned from festivals and/or other events, previous Ai-Kon events, or events that have occurred at the Venue;
  • Are demonstrating an intent to disturb the peace or to provoke someone else to do so.

Clothing Policy

Ai-Kon is a family friendly event, please exercise discretion in the clothing you choose to wear. This applies to cosplay and non-cosplay outfits.

Please avoid wearing any clothing that includes sexually explicit imagery. This includes aheago, uncensored nudity, and sexually explicit text. All explicit content is to remain inside of 18+ panels only.

While midriffs, short shorts or skirts, and bikini tops are fine, please make sure that your clothing fully covers your genitalia, behind, and breasts.

If you violate any of these clothing policies, you will not be ejected from the con, but a member of the Ai-Kon staff may ask you to change.

For our cosplay-specific guidelines, please read our costume and weapons policies

Removal from the Event Site:

Event Staff reserves the right to terminate access and remove a disruptive attendee, whereupon the ticket will not be refunded.

Offensive, dangerous or illegal behaviour is prohibited and will lead to ejection from the event, at the Event Staff’s discretion.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Failure to comply with directions from Event Staff or Venue representatives;
  • Any vilifying or hateful behaviour, including but not limited to racist, transphobic/homophobic or sexist behaviour;
  • Any violent, intimidating, anti-social or abusive behaviour;
  • Any behaviour which puts your safety or that of third parties, such as other attendees or Event Staff, at risk.

Disruptive attendees will be removed from the Event Site and, if necessary, Police may be called for assistance.

New tickets purchased for the purpose of reentry after removal under this policy will not be refunded.

At the event:

If at the event you witness an individual violating the access policy please:

  • Go to registration and a volunteer will contact an available Director/Officer.
  • Contact a volunteer who will contact an available Director/Officer.