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Programming > Ai-Kon 2023 Dance Showcase Performer Spotlight

We at Ai-Kon are very excited to announce all of our amazing performers for this years event. If you like J-pop, K-pop, Love Live, etc. then the dance showcase is the place to be!!! We have an incredible lineup of local performers who are so excited to entertain you!!! Be sure to check out the dance showcase on Saturday July 15th from 1 pm to 4 pm in Main Programming.

The GALAX-E of Ruby Chopstix

GALAX-E is the most active K-pop dance team in Winnipeg. They share a passion for Korean music, culture and dancing. They have performed at countless events across the city since their debut in 2017 such as Folklorama, Asian Heritage, and of course Ai-Kon

She is the one named Ruby Chopstix. This queen’s goal is to empower, inspire, and help Queer BIPoC in all she does. She has been setting the work in by creating The Velvet Rope: A BIPoC Showcase and Party, creating her own house for BIPoC called The Dynasty, and opening for Canada’s Drag Race Season 2 Tour! She is the drag queen that fights evil by moonlight, wins love by daylight, she never runs from a real fight!

illicit Dance Crew
illicit dance crew was established in 2017 as a performance/cover group primarily for Kpop. The crew has performed around Winnipeg and is known for creating energetic, fresh, and eye catching sets. Many of our members are well versed in a variety of dance styles which accentuates their overall performances. The crew’s love of dancing and Kpop is combined together while promoting Korean culture. Today, our set will have a theme that you may or may not notice we hope you enjoy!

GALAX-E is the most active K-pop dance team in Winnipeg. They share a passion for Korean music, culture and dancing. They have performed at countless events across the city since their debut in 2017 such as Folklorama, Asian Heritage, and of course Ai-Kon

Tempo Dance Crew
TEMPO Dance Crew is a K-POP Dance Cover Group founded in May 2022 and a team filled with enthusiastic members that all share the goal to grow as dancers

With the hopes of sharing their passion for K-POP and Dance, the team aims to showcase their hard work by bringing a fun and unforgettable performance for audiences to enjoy!

Lemonade Dance Group

we are lemonade dance group, a group of high school and work friends here to bring our love of energetic and fun kpop dances to the stage of Aikon this year in 2023

Yin & Yang
You’ve probably seen Joanne and Shota’s viral BTBT cover on Instagram, but besides that, from young tap dancers who came from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, to hip hop dancers who then came from LIVE Dance Center, Joanne and Shota are well rounded individuals with interconnected forces waiting to hit the stage.

The dance group KOREOBOOS, which was established in 2019 by a group of friends who all have a dance background. The members met through their school’s dance team, DMCI’s Finest. They have previously performed at a number of events in Winnipeg, including Multicultural Music Festival, K-Pop Club Night, BTS Midnight Madness, Ai-kon 2022, Dream Stage, 204 Dance Competition, Chinatown Night Market, and many more. With a great desire to perform on stage in Winnipeg, they wish to meet new people who also share their love for K-pop.

Hello we are BTB! We are a kpop cover and original choreography dance team. Together as a group we have over 10 years of experience.

Majestix Idol Project
Majestix Idol Project is a Love Live group that was formed in 2017! After disbanding in 2017 and coming back in 2022 first as a 6 person group, we’re now back as a full group in 2023!

MIVLY is a collaboration between @Minyunika and @heyitsliv_123 (on Instagram)
There is a collective 25 years of dance experience between the two, ranging from Kpop, Jpop, Love Live, and other technical forms of dance. These two are no strangers to the ai-kon stage, with a collective 7 years of experience. They’re switching it up this year with a range of Jpop instead of their signature Kpop and Love Live. They hope the audience will enjoy their thrilling setlist and the energy they bring to the stage!

Franz & Sam
​Franz and Sam are not only anime fans, but dance instructors at Drop In Dance Winnipeg.
Franz is a hip hop instructor, exploring ways to tell stories through dance and showcase hip hop choreography through different perspectives.
Sam is a heels and kpop instructor, who teaches original kpop choreography and trains in various styles, such as waacking, voguefemme and jazz funk.
They will be performing all original choreography to kpop and anime songs.

urAiDolls is a local dance cover group beginning in 2015 as two separate groups, ur’s and Ai Dolls and merged in 2021. This year at Ai-kon, they are excited to be bringing songs about happiness and friendship to the stage. We hope you can smile along with them!

Voca Sensation
Voca Sensation is a dance and cosplay group formed in 2017 that cover vocaloid, c-pop, j-pop, and k-pop. They are no strangers to the Aikon stage and are super excited to be performing today bringing back some classic vocaloid tunes.

Cosplay Shenanigans
Cosplay Shenanigans is a widespread cosplay group where their members cosplay a variety of characters. They do meetups within the group, and have started planning open meetups for the communiy. We wanted to try and branch out to doing dance covers, and are hoping to do a soloist debut to test it out!! We might possibly be doing more subunit/smaller group covers in the future.

Hello, we’re Nonets! An 11 member cosplay dance group that formed in the summer of 2016! While we primarily focus on cosplay and more specifically Love Live performances, we’ve also expanded our genres into J-pop and K-pop performances as well! We hope to see you at Ai-Kon 2023!