Ai-Kon 2022

The 20th Anniversary Edition

July 22-24, 2022

RBC Convention Centre

Programming > Dance Showcase

Get your light sticks out and your fan chants ready!! Ai-Kon’s dance showcase has a line up of performers that will burn up the stage with their amazing performances!! J-pop, K-pop, C-pop and so much more, this is a show you aren’t gonna wanna miss.

Show starts at 1pm on Saturday July 23rd in Main Programming.

Featured Performers:

1pm – 1:30pm – Punch Party

Punch Party is a local cover band who covers songs from all across Asia. They formed in 2018 by a collection of friends who shared a passion for music and Asian culture

K-pop Showcase – 2pm – 2:45pm:


Galax-E is the longest running K-pop dance team in Winnipeg. They share a passion for Korean music, culture and dancing. They have performed at countless events across the city since their debut in 2017 such as Folklorama, Asian Heritage, and of course Ai-Kon.


illicit dance crew was established in 2017 as a Kpop cover dance crew but has expanded to incorporate dance styles like Hip Hop. Many of the members come from various dance backgrounds and are brought together by a similar love of Kpop and Korean culture. The crew has been fortunate to be part of many dance performances and opportunities to showcase throughout Winnipeg, MB.


JABS is a group of dance lovers who use Kpop choreography as a goal to improve their dance technique and freedom of expression. However, their practices have a mixture of musical genres and are a fun celebration of exploring how the body can interpret music that moves us.


KOREOBOOS was founded in 2019 by a group of friends who all have a dance background. The members met through DMCI’s Finest, their school’s dance team. They have previously performed K-Pop at many of recitals and are planning to participate in upcoming events this year. With a great desire to perform on stage, they wish to get the opportunity to perform at many events in Winnipeg and to meet new people who also share their love for K-Pop.

Voca Sensation:

Voca Sensation is a multicultural dance and cosplay cover group which was established in August of 2017. They mainly focus on Vocaloid and J-pop, but have also covered C-Pop, K-Pop, and Anisong. Voca Sensation has performed at many events in the past, and hope to bring their hard work and dedication to more stages in the future.


We are urAiDolls! We are a Winnipeg based cosplay dance cover group that primarily focuses on Love Live covers. We started separately as two different groups, ur’s and Ai-Dolls, and are now combined into one great big group! We hope to bring you an exciting and fun performance!


Minnie is a Winnipeg cosplayer who specialized in Japanese Idol content for the past few years. She’s currently a member of Nonets, and although performing solo this year, she’s definitely not a stranger to the ai-kon stage. She’s previously performed in 2017, 2018, and 2019 with her past group and has loved every performance. Known for her Love Live cosplays and dance covers, she’s excited to bring her specialty and something new to Ai-Kon’s 2022 stage.

Majestix Idol Project:

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We are Majestix Idol Project! We formed back in 2017 and were on hiatus until 2021. Now we’re back with new members & a new logo! We are a LoveLive dance cover group that wants to share our love for the show!

BSIDE urAiDolls:

Alternatively, you can call us SIDE-B for short! UrAiDolls’ subunit group that focuses on dancing in the genre of anisong, j-pop and anything in between. We primarily look for dances with original choreography from well-known odottemita (Pronunciation: O-Doh-teh-me-tah) dancers or with official chereo from anime or music videos.


Homura is a huge Love Live fan and has a lot of experience performing on various stages since she was 14 years old. She was a leader of a group who performed Love Live dances from 2014 to 2018. After the pandemic, she wanted to return to the stage and perform in front of people again and bring happiness and energy to them!


Nonets is a 12-member idol, j-pop, and k-pop dance group that formed in the summer of 2016! Since then, we’ve been performing our hearts out on stage and on camera for everyone to enjoy. We’ve been preparing and planning for the last 2 years to give everyone our best live show yet, so please remember to bring your penlights and cheer us on!