Programming > Doki Doki Photo Hunt

Welcome to Doki Doki Photo Hunt. Grab pics of all the below items and get entered into a draw for an Aikon Weekend Pass. Have fun bbz.

  1. Someone cosplaying a character from a 2000’s anime
  2. A cosplayer in the snow
  3. Pokemon (bonus points to the og 151)
  4. Merch from one of the 2000s “Big Three”
  5. A blue steel selfie
  6. Something fetch
  7. Something sketch
  8. A cool plush
  9. Action on the event stage
  10. Your favourite part of the Doki Doki Naitomaketto

Remember to always ask before taking photos of others. Now get out there, take some sick pics, and holla at with your name and pics to be entered into the draw.