Ai-Kon 2022

The 20th Anniversary Edition

July 22-24, 2022

RBC Convention Centre

Programming > Ai-Kon Fashion Show 2022

Fashion Show FAQs

Do I need to have any modeling experience?

– No, Anyone is welcome; we also do a rehearsal before the show as well to be sure everyone’s more comfortable and confident with their run 🙂

How are applicants chosen?

– It’s strictly a first come first serve basis, so the sooner you apply the more likely you are to be in the show 🙌🏻
(We accept everyone until all spots are filled for each run)

Are outfits provided?

– Unfortunately not at this time; no.

Will I have time to change before the show?

– Preferably models should come prepared to walk the runway, as we start the show as soon as rehearsal is finished.

How long do I have to apply?

– Deadline to apply to model in the show is July 16th or until all spots are filled.

2022 Special Run : “My First Cosplay”
Introducing a special theme for this year’s Ai-Kon Fashion Show
Is there an old cosplay you’ve always wanted to revisit? Well 2022 is your chance!

Looking for :
Cosplayers looking to revisit a previous/old cosplay
Cosplay can be purchased or handmade, or re-wear one of your older cosplays with a wig style/makeup update.

East Asia Street Style Run :
Show off your own street style on the runway!

Looking for :
Anime related fashions (shirts with your favorite anime characters or japanese phrases/writing) or “idol looks” things you’d see your favorite K or J idols wearing ‘
(“Idol off duty, airport fashions, dance practice outfits etc)

School Uniform/School Girl Run :
Think slice of life theme, weather its a school uniform that’s actually from an anime or just a school uniform.

Looking for :
School Uniforms you’d see in slice of life animes (plaid pants, plaid skirt, blazers, dress shirts etc)

Visual Kei Run :
We want you to rock the runway with your best Japanese punk glam rock attire!

Looking for :
Visual Kei Inspired Looks ( Japanese Rock , Punk Rock , Glam Rock styles)
(Notable Visual Kei Bands for examples; The Gazette , Malice Mizer , LM.C , and Versailles)

Lolita Run :
Calling all Cuteness!
Looking for frills, lace and you guessed it, Lolita looks, for this run at Ai-Kon 2022

Looking for :
Lolita Styles (Sweet Lolita , Classic Lolita , Gothic Lolita, Punk Lolita , etc)

Traditional/Kimono Run :
Looking for the perfect occasion to wear your Kimono? Ai-Kon 2022 has the show for you! We are bringing back the beautiful Kimono run once again
Don’t have a kimono but still want to join our fashion show? Worry not! Any Traditional East Asian garment will work for this run!

Looking for:
Traditional Japanese clothing (Kimono, Yukata , Hakama etc)
Any East Asian Traditional Clothing (example: Hanbok, Cheongsam , Changshan etc)

Fantasy/RPG/LARP Run :
Calling all LARPers and RPG fans!
Bring your swords, shields and bows for this run; but leave the Balrogs at home lol
(See Ai-Kon’s weapon policy)

Looking for :
Original Fantasy RPG Characters and Outfits
Dress as your DnD, OC and/or LARP character or anime characterstyat would match the theme (Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, The Rising of Shield Hero)

Link to apply below