2019 Puzzle Hunt Puzzles > 10. The Wizard

10. The Wizard

Solve Rate: 66% of Heroes successfully solved this puzzle.

The Solution: Find the solution to this puzzle here.

The Wizard greeted you warmly as you walked into his cottage. He sits you down in front of a small table already decorated with a teapot and a plate of dainties, and he takes a seat across from you in a very plush chair. “Hero, I’ve heard that you’re in great need of assistance.” Word must have gotten around the wizarding community. They seem to have eyes and ears everywhere.

“And I believe you’re here to ask me for my help.” You nod as you chew on a jam-filled cookie. You knew that this wasn’t the time to eat, but it would be very rude to refuse such a spread. “I personally would like to, but I can only do so if the Land tells me that I am fated to help you. See, this world is more mystical than many realize, and Wizards are bound by the state of the natural elements to determine our path.” Suddenly, the Wizard pulls out his wand and flicks it at your direction. You feel something tug around your neck. 

“I’ve just put a temporary spell on you, lasting only for this weekend. It affects your identity and grants you the ability to read what the Land wants to tell you, but just like me, you can only see an eighth of the entirety of this Kingdom. In order to read the message, you need to find the other parts from other Heroes who can see other parts of the land. Find those parts and read me the magic word.” 

Using your identity, enlist the help of other heroes and put together the rest of the message.

What is the magic word the Land is trying to relay that will let the Wizard know to help you? Write this word down in the answer sheet.

WIZARD’S NOTE: Artists, Exhibitors, Guests, Media, Staff, Vendors, and Volunteers are not affected by the spell and will not be able to give information.

Some puzzles may require some knowledge from the Tome. Some might not. In case you need it, here it is.

Huntmaster’s Note: To solve this puzzle, Heroes needed to form the complete map in the background of their attendee badges. There were eight different pieces to the puzzle. For your convenience, these pieces are included below.