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3. The Barbarian

Solve Rate: 81% of Heroes successfully solved this puzzle.

The Solution: Find the solution to this puzzle here.

You find the Barbarian at the Training Grounds at the edge of the city. You introduce yourself to him, and in turn he studies you with a knowing glance. Upon telling the Barbarian about Aragrim, he calmly directs you to follow him, which you do so obediently. In silence, you walk to a gymnasium at the grounds and he leads you into the large room.

“Hero. I must know that you are conscious of the ever-changing rules of war if we are to fight side-by-side. Witness these battles and learn their rules. If you manage to learn the lesson I’m imparting on you, I may deem you a worthy ally and aid you at war.” He reveals from his sizeable belt a number small spheres.

From this belt, takes a few of the spheres and releases them into the center of the gymnasium. “YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN!” he bellows, and at once, a few pocket-sized monsters escape from their spheres and magically appear at full size. From the other side of the room, a scrawny creature you haven’t noticed when you entered the room releases a number of monsters from his own spheres. You can’t quite see through the fog of war, but the battles seem to have started and you watch intently, trying to learn from experience.

Based on the results of the following battles, what is the Barbarian’s lesson? Put this word on the answer sheet.