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2019 Puzzle Hunt Puzzles > 5. The Monk

5. The Monk

Solve Rate: 56% of Heroes successfully solved this puzzle.

The Solution: Find the solution to this puzzle here.

You were hoping to find the Monk at the Monastery, but you discover that he’s been missing for a while. Nearby, you spot a child monk sweeping the stairs to the dormitories, so you ask him about his whereabouts.

“Father Tonks? Haven’t seen him. Said he had something important to do last I saw him,” he says to you rather quickly as he tries not to betray an expression showing that he’s excited to finally be talking to a person that isn’t an old man in a habit. “Oh, but he did give me this note in case someone was asking for him. One second please, I’ll go get it.” He runs to his room and returns to you panting. It’s rather unbecoming for a monk, and you worry for his future.

You open the note and read its contents. “My boy,” it starts. “I have to tend to something very important, but if I am being searched for, this is the path I’m taking. I’ll leave something before the entrance of every place I visit. Have them find me at the last place after finding what I’ve left for those searching for me.” You don’t seem to recognize the names of the places on the note Father Tonks left, but they certainly seem familiar to you after looking at their names, somehow.

Walk the exact path that the Monk has taken in the Kingdom of Konia and find the things he has left at the entrance of the places he visited for those searching for him. The answer to the puzzle is the place where you’ll find the Monk. Put this place on the answer sheet.

Some puzzles may require some knowledge from the Tome. Some might not. In case you need it, here it is.

Huntmaster’s Note: This puzzle required Heroes find something specific on-site. The contents above are only half of the puzzle, so if you think you figured out what to do with the above information and want to move on to the next part, go to this page!