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7. The Knight

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You knew trying to get a hold of Goddard, the Kingdom’s best Knight, would be difficult. With his impossibly good looks, disarming charm, and sparkling white teeth, his presence is in high demand at royal parties, concerts, and baby showers. In fact, you saw him on “Elven, the Generous”, Konia’s favourite daily daytime talk show, yesterday at the Theatre! Still, for the good of the Kingdom, you attempt to reach Konia’s biggest celebrity.

Instead, you manage to get as far as his assistant, who seemed a fluster when you asked for the Knight. “ACK! NO! I can’t even THINK about fitting you into his busy schedule when I can’t even remember what
he has going on this weekend. He has appearances and talks and shows and what-have-you that he NEEDS to be at and I can’t even remember when those are because I lost the bloody schedule! But, tell you what, if you can help me figure out when he has to be at these things on his list, I’ll squeeze you in.” Goddard’s assistant tells you that his schedule is pretty specific: he only opens his schedule at very particular times, and there’s a secret way to remember them that the assistant can’t recall right now. Luckily, the assistant does remember the events Goddard is attending and what day, so he (poorly) tries to describe to you what those were. 

Fill in Goddard’s schedule and figure out its secret. At what time are you able to meet up with the Knight? Put this time in the answer sheet.

Some puzzles may require some knowledge from the Tome. Some might not. In case you need it, here it is.

__:__ PM “So, on Friday afternoon, Goddard will be learning to use a weapon called a ‘shinai’ in the first of two sessions.

__:__ AM Early on Sunday, like in the morning, he’ll be watching a show about the son of a ninja.

__:__ PM Midday sometime on Friday, Goddard will be attending a panel to improve his knowledge on using needles, thread, and fabric properly.

__:__ PM Afternoon on Friday, he’ll be watching a show about three women fighters from space coming to Earth trying to find a princess.

__:__ PM People will be playing rock-paper-scissors to win prizes for Goddard’s appearance on Saturday afternoon.

__:__ PM Here, at this time, Goddard will be able to meet you. I don’t remember when that time is exactly but it’s sometime in between 12 and 6 PM.

__:__ PM On Sunday afternoon, he’ll be watching a show that’s about some sort of “final assignment”? I think?

__:__ AM Right around Sunday morning, Goddard will be watching people try to win at a popular fighting game.

__:__ AM Ending this list is an appearance at an event about handling sharp weapons for an old time period, but fictional, on Saturday morning.

Now, the way Goddard remembers his schedule is by telling himself a two-word phrase in the mirror. I don’t remember what the phrase is though.”

REMEMBER: The answer to this puzzle is the TIME you will be able to meet up with Goddard.

Huntmaster’s Note: This puzzle requires information from Ai-Kon 2019. Some information necessary to solve this puzzle may not be readily available online for solvers in this point in time.