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8. The Rogue

Solve Rate: 12% of Heroes successfully solved this puzzle.

The Solution: Find the solution to this puzzle here.

Huntmaster’s Note: The entire Puzzle Hunt is based and modelled on the GenCon Puzzle Hunt that was put on by LoneShark Games up until 2017. It was the first convention-wide Puzzle Hunt that I participated in and this puzzle uses the same mechanics as one of the very first puzzles that I solved at that event. Solving that puzzle was thrilling, rewarding, and sparked something within me. It helped strengthen my love for mind-bending puzzles and inspired me to work towards bringing this kind of experience to others. I included this puzzle as a personal dedication to LoneShark Games’ Puzzle Hunt as I have fond memories of the experience, and it made me want to not only bring the same thrill of a live puzzle experience to Winnipeg and its people, but also build a puzzle-centric community in my city. I can only hope that by doing this, I’m able to bring the same joy and inspiration to others as that puzzle has given me. — Justin

Through dark alleys and untended paths, far removed from the center of the Kingdom but still within its walls, is the grimy underbelly of Konia. You’ve been here before, so the noises don’t faze you as much as it once did the first time you’ve stumbled upon this place. Here, you find Rogue in her hideout, after taking many left turns. 

“So the Dneadu are coming, huh?” she says after you relay to her what looms ahead for the Kingdom. “Fun.” 

Sitting on an ornate throne of unknown origin, the Rogue twirls a golden coin around her fingers as though it has a mind of its own. “I suppose if this place gets destroyed, my lovely collection that I worked so hard to… acquire… will be for nothing.” She stands, revealing her surprisingly short 5’2” stature, and walks towards her immaculately organized desk. After entering a combination, she opens a drawer and pulls out a sheet of crisp paper and hands it to you. “I need one more thing to complete my collection of prized objects. These four lists of things I’ve watched and played recently will tell you what it is. I know it’s hard to understand why they’re grouped together, but as a thief, I need to hide this knowledge for my own safety. Bring me that missing item and I’ll consider joining you in the fight against Aragrim.”

What is the item you need to bring to the Rogue? Put this word on the answer sheet.

Some puzzles may require some knowledge from the Tome. Some might not. In case you need it, here it is.

 – 1 –
Black Butler
Hunter X Hunter
Vampire Knight
Inazuma Eleven
Final Fantasy
Heat Guy J
Queen Emeraldas
Little Witch Academia

 – 2 –
Paper Mario
Code Geass
Detective School Q
BlazBlue Alter Memory
My Hero Academia
Crusher Joe
Hetalia: Axis Powers
Fruits Basket

 – 3 –
Pokemon Sword & Shield
Dragon Quest
Xenoblade Chronicles
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Fullmetal Alchemist
PaRappa the Rapper
Attack on Titan
Food Wars!

 – 4 –
Yuri!!! on Ice
Dragonball Z
Sword Art Online
Black Jack
Devil May Cry
The Quintessential Quintuplets
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Chrono Trigger