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2019 Puzzle Hunt Puzzles > 9. The Sorcerer

9. The Sorcerer

Solve Rate: 64% of Heroes successfully solved this puzzle.

The Solution: Find the solution to this puzzle here.

Up in a lopsided and rather precarious-looking tower is the home of the Sorcerer. You know of them personally, so you are very aware that they have the tendency to get bored very easily and use their magic in problematic ways to pass the time. With this knowledge, you chose your words carefully as you explained to them the impending situation with Aragrim and the Dneadu.

“Finally, something exciting is happening in this excruciatingly peaceful Kingdom. I’d gladl… oh, wait a minute…”. Their face twisted as they took a minute to process the information you gave them. “The King asked you, didn’t he?” they continued, “See, last month I got bored, so I did some experimenting by using my chimera spell and added a little extra ‘kick’ to make it more interesting. I guess by doing that, it makes it harder for me to undo. Ugh. Anyway, the King found out I was mucking up the population and the Kingdom’s stuff, so he got mad at me and ordered me to undo it all. If you can help me take the pairs apart and retrieve the extra thing I added in for fun, then the King won’t be mad at me any more, and I can show my face to him again when I fight with you!”

You find a collection of living, breathing, abominations in the Sorcerer’s basement, clearly in need of help. Seeing this sorry sight, you agree to help the Sorcerer unbind the creatures and find the thing they added to the spell. What was the thing the Sorcerer added to the spell? Put this word in the answer sheet.

Some puzzles may require some knowledge from the Tome. Some might not. In case you need it, here it is.

BrothersG L I R L I U O I M A
ColleaguesO T S A N E L H M W E O S
Comes as PairsS I S O C H E T P J N C S A M K
Parts of the Same Game TitleN D E O D O U S G N A S G N O R
Hero & VillainN K F A R D L N O G N O N I
OppositesC O A V E D G T F I R Y T E
Chris’S I R N V E N A E P
SidekicksO I T L A S N B I A R
Japanese FoodsG A I K S I T A I R Y N O I I
LoversI O E R O L T M U E S J