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9. The Sorcerer – Solution

In this puzzle, Heroes need to identify the pairs scrambled in each of the lines and extract an extra letter that doesn’t belong to either of the pairs. By extracting these extra letters, the Heroes can identify the additional item the Sorcerer added to the chimeras. The unscrambled pairs and the extra letters are as follows:

#ClueScrambledWord 1Word 2Extra Letter
1BrothersG L I R L I U O I M AMarioLuigiL
2ColleaguesO T S A N E L H M W E O SWatsonHolmesE
3Comes as PairsS I S O C H E T P J N C S A M KChopsticksJeansM
4Parts of the Same Game TitleN D E O D O U S G N A S G N O RDungeonsDragonsO
5Hero & VillainN K F A R D L N O G N O N I LinkGanondorfN
6OppositesC O A V E D G T F I R Y T EVictoryDefeatG
7Chris’S I R N V E N A E PPineEvansR
8SidekicksO I T L A S N B I A RRobinTailsA
9Japanese FoodsG A I K S I T A I R Y N O I IOnigiriTaiyakiS
10LoversI O E R O L T M U E S JRomeoJulietS

The extra letters, in order, spell out the answer to the puzzle: LEMONGRASS.