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February 23, 2019 at the RBC Convention Centre

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Winterfest 2019

Looking to promote your club, convention, organization, high school or university group, hobby community, dance troupe, non-profit cause or other social group? Ai-Kon loves to help out fellow anime, gaming, and Japanese / Asian culture influenced organizations. All those that fit our mandate of promoting Japanese and or geek culture are welcome.

Ai-Kon can provide a promotional table at our convention to help you get connected with our attendees!

Important : Outreach tables are strictly for promotional purposes.  If your group is seeking to sell merchandise of any kind, we encourage you to check out our vendor or  artist opportunities.

Outreach Guidelines and Policies

Registration Guidelines

  • Outreach tables for Ai-Kon Winterfest are available for Saturday, February 23th  2019 at the RBC Convention Centre.
  • Outreach table location is determined by Ai-Kon.
  • Promotional tables are provided for free on a first come first served basis and each organization is provided two complimentary staff badges per organization.  A maximum of three tables per organization may be requested. This is subject to review by Ai-Kon before approval.
      • Groups may request to purchase additional badges at a discounted rate (up to four per organization) which must be used to staff the tables.  This is subject to review by Ai-Kon before approval.
      • Discounted outreach table staff pass rate is $12.00  (plus applicable taxes and fees).
      • Upon registration approval, groups will be e-mailed an invoice for any  additional badges.
      • Payment for additional badges must be received no later than 2 weeks of receipt of invoice or prior to February 4th, 2019.
      • Payment options include paypal, credit card, cheque and money order.  Payment address is
        Outreach Relations ℅ Ai-Kon,
        703-177 Lombard Avenue,
        7th Floor,
        Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
        R3B 0W5.
        All cheques and money orders must be made out to “Ai-Kon”
      • Cancellations after February 8th 2019,  are not entitled to a refund.

Convention Policies

Setup and teardown

  • Marketplace hours are:
      • Saturday 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Table setup occurs between of 9:00 am and 11:30 am on Saturday and not during marketplace hours. Outreach relations staff will be on hand to answer questions and help you locate your table.
  • Failure to arrive at assigned space before marketplace hours may result in forfeit of the space and all associated badges.
  • All outreach exhibitors are required to sign in for their table and collect their badges upon arrival at the convention.
  • Ingress and egress instructions and unloading / loading locations will be e-mailed one week prior to the convention.
  • Table location maps will be e-mailed one week prior to the convention.
  • Vehicles are required to be removed from docking spaces as soon as they are loaded / unloaded.
  • Tables are permitted to close early but may close no sooner than 1 hours earlier than the posted closure of the marketplace.  On Saturday this would be 7:00 pm.
      • If a table wishes to close early they must do so in a non-disruptive manner to the convention and their neighbors.
  • Consult outreach@ai-kon.org to arrange for your electricity needs.

Table policies

  • Outreach staff are expected to interact, promote, recruit and share information with attendees from their table.  They may also give away promotional items for free.
  • Groups may conduct a raffle at the event provided that it is free to enter and the winning ticket(s) are drawn on site.  As this is a free to enter raffle, no permits are required by LGA Manitoba.  More information can be found here.
  • Groups are not permitted to sell merchandise.
  • Outreach exhibitors may sell memberships / tickets to events run by their organization from their table.
  • Tables must be staffed at all times.
  • No more than two staff members are permitted behind each table at a time.
  • The staff seated behind the table must display the appropriately assigned event wristbands / badges, which will be provided upon check-in.
  • Groups must treat all attendees, other outreach exhibitors, artists/vendors, Ai-Kon volunteers and staff with respect and courtesy. Groups who are found to be in any way verbally or physically abusive risk violating this agreement.
  • Staff manning the table are politely asked to restrict their mobile device usage.
  • All beverages must be in resealable containers.
  • Personal items are to be kept underneath tables (not behind) to ensure a safe walking space.
  • Ai-Kon is not responsible for materials left unattended.
  • Promotional materials are not permitted on the walls of the RBC Convention Centre; please utilize table space.
  • Hentai, sexually explicit or explicitly violent materials may not be displayed. Any video shown must have received screening permission; documentation of permission must be present. Music / audio may be played in a moderate volume so that it is not disruptive to surrounding tables. This will be at the discretion of Ai-Kon staff.


  • Ai-Kon would like to promote your involvement at the upcoming convention and request the following information:
      • A 250 character description of your organization for use in social media promotions pushes.  These promotional pushes will occur at least once within the two months leading up to the event.
      • Organization logos and promotional photographs to advertise your group.  If not provided, Ai-Kon will make a best effort to acquire these materials on its own.
      • Preferred social media accounts will be tagged / linked within these promotions.
      • Ai-Kon reserves the right to modify the descriptions at its discretion.
      • Multiple groups may be promoted within the same social media post.
  • Help us grow the convention with cross promotions!
      • Groups are kindly requested to advertise their participation at Winterfest at least once via social media within the two months leading up to the event.  #winterfest2019 #aikonwpg and tagging the official ai-kon accounts on the applicable platform
      • Ai-Kon promotional images for use in your social media will be made available on the press and media section of our website.
      • Groups are encouraged to tag / link to the Ai-Kon website / social media accounts within these promotions.
  • As a free service to all outreach exhibitors, they may contribute promotional materials to our registration bags which are provided to all attendees, increasing your exposure at the convention.

Dance Groups

  • All regular outreach exhibitor policies regarding prohibition of sales from tables apply to dance groups.
  • Ai-Kon will designate a dance group area DJ who will coordinate and oversee song requests and music during the convention for this area.  Dance Groups are restricted from playing individual table music to eliminate audio clutter. If there is no DJ present for whatever reason, regular outreach policies apply in regards to exhibitor audio.
  • Music may be supplied (for ambient music or performance music) to the Ai-Kon assigned DJ in MP3 format on a USB thumb drive ONLY.  Ambient music shall be left to the discretion of the DJ, including music relevant to their promotions if they are also an outreach exhibitor.
  • Each group may request up to three dance group performances per day and only one performance per hour. The DJ will decide the order of requested songs to promote performance variety.
      • Floor space will be designated to allow for dance group performances. The dance space we be in the open area in front of the dance group exhibitor tables. Dancing should in no way block the flow of traffic.
      • Winterfest is a family friendly convention open to all ages, please refrain from any inappropriate dance club moves and keep performances suitable for the general public.
      • Dance groups are asked to promote a positive encouraging environment at the event. This is not a competitive space, and no “dance offs” are permitted.  Please be supportive of all members of the Winnipeg dance community and set a great example. Cheer loudly for all groups!

Failure to follow guidelines or policies may result in outreach exhibitors risking not being invited to return to Ai-Kon events, or in serious cases being asked to leave during the event.


Space is extremely limited please fill out the application below and Corporate Relations will get back to you within 1 week of submission.


If you have any questions or concerns about having an outreach table at our event, please email outreach@ai-kon.org