Pre-registration is TODAY!

Posted by Ai Kon on July 20, 2017

Pre-registration for Ai-Kon 2017 is happening TODAY!

Come down to the 2nd floor of the Convention Centre from 4 to 8 PM with your WEEKEND PASS ticket to get your badge! Remember, you can only get YOUR pass, not a friend’s or loved one’s pass.

If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, you can get your ticket from the Convention Centre Box Office on the 1st floor!

Make sure you search your Registration Bag thoroughly! Inside you’ll find a schedule, a guidebook, some restaurant coupons and some potentially some WICKED Golden Ticket Prizes!

What are Golden Ticket Prizes? Companies like VIZ Media or Funimation have sent us special items or manga to give away to a few lucky attendees. Take a look at this amazing Golden Ticket Prize package by ARTISTS EMPORIUM!

Attendees that attend pre-registration might be extra lucky… Only one way to find out!

Ai-Kon 2017 schedule

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