Ai-Kon COVID-19 Statement

Posted by Ai Kon on March 12, 2020

Ai-kon would like to address growing online questions reguarding the possiblity of a cancelled event due to COVID-19. 

Currently, the Ai-kon 2020 Committee has no plans of canceling our summer event (July 24-26th) at this time. 

We, like many event organizers in the city, have been watching for information provided by the RBC Convention Center (Link Here) as well as the Provincial (Link Here) & Federal Government (Link Here).

We have no information currently that would lead us to cancel our event. Our team will continue assessing the risks, and will update our attendees if anything changes in upcoming months. 

Ai-Kon recommends following the guidelines set in place by health care professionals, including proper hand washing & staying home if sick.