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Posted by Ai Kon on July 22, 2020

As the first step in combating discrimination in Ai-Kon, we are opening up a specific feedback form for Discrimination & Safety concerns.

Ai-Kon would like to know:

  • What’s happened in the past that we haven’t addressed
  • What’s happening now that we need to address
  • Our communities concerns, ideas and general feedback

We have created an anonymous feedback form to gather this data as the first step of that.

Please feel free to also use this form for any safety or discrimination concerns you have involving this weekends Ai-Kon Online.

Our second step will be to promote our next general election, which will be opening in August. We will be trying to bring more awareness to the positions available at Ai-Kon, and aim to draw in more diversity to our Committee Staff and Volunteer positions for the 2021 year.

This topic is an ongoing discussion in our community, and we believe in always reviewing our actions and learning from them, to create safe events and a healthy community.

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