Ai-Kon 2017 Table Sales

Art tables for Ai-Kon 2017 (July 21-23, 2017) will go on sale at 12:00 PM CDT on April 1st, 2017.


  • Half table with one (1) weekend pass - $85
  • Full table with one (1) weekend pass - $120
  • Full table with two (2) weekend passes - $160
  • Purchasing Guidelines

    Registration applications will be submitted via form located at this link. The form is currently activated and we ask that you submit your form beginning at 12:00 PM CDT on Saturday, April 1, 2017. Submissions are time-stamped via this form system and any entries received prior to 12:00 PM will not be considered.

    New for 2017: Due to the large number of artist table requests in the past several years, the first 60% of artist tables will be awarded via a first come, first served basis. After these tables have sold out, all other applicants will be submitted into a lottery pool for the remaining 40% of tables. This lottery will be held one week after registration opens (April 7th, 2017). All remaining requests will be put on a waiting list based on time stamp basis.

    Artists will be notified of status within 48 hours after application form submission. If accepted, artists will be emailed a link to our online registration and payment form. Artists must complete and submit the form and payment by April 28th, 2017.

    If artists choose to mail in their forms and payment, please notify the Artist Coordinator ( at time of application or any time after to make arrangements.

    Cancellations after June 4th, 2017 are not entitled to a refund due to the difficulty of arranging for another artist to take the position.

    Unless special arrangements are made, all artists are required to sign in for their table upon arrival at Ai-Kon or it may be considered forfeit.

    Please email with any questions!

    Artist Faire Rules

    Artwork and Merchandise

    Room Policies

    Please email with any questions!

    Ai-Kon 201 Mascot Contest Winner

    Our 2017 Mascot Contest came to a close on January 14, 2017. Congratulations to Dave for his detailed and striking power suit Aiko! Dave's entry will be used in Ai-Kon 2017 promotional material and he has won an art table at Ai-Kon 2017. You'll see more examples of Dave's work at Ai-Kon 21-23, 2017 at the RBC Convention Centre!

    Dave A.
    First Runner Up: Steven D.
    Steven D.
    Second Runner Up: Ethaniel R.
    Ethaniel R.

    All entries can be seen here. Thank you for all the creative, stunning entries from our artists! Every year we have a hard time choosing our winner and this year was no different. Our theme was difficult and we are so excited that we got so many wonderful entries! Thanks to all the artists for their hard work and creativity that went into creating their amazing mecha/power suit Aikos. Art table sales for Ai-Kon will be announced in spring!

    Artist Faire

    Ai-Kon's Artist Faire is where attendees can find original artwork and crafts from their favourite anime, manga or game series! Our Artist Faire encompasses a wide range of talented artists, from media to textiles to crafts. Breathtaking posters and prints, adorable charms and trinkets, or even handmade apparel and plushies – we’ve got it all. Con-goers can even commission their favourite artist for a personalized work of art!

    Interested in participating at Ai-Kon’s Artist Faire?

    We accept a wide range of artists with varying experience levels. Whether you’re new to your craft or are a pro in the convention circuit, you’re welcome to take part in our Artist Faire! Ai-Kon has a great artist community that is supportive and creative, so if you need ideas or have questions, feel free to ask any of our lovely artists about their experiences at Ai-Kon.

    We have an artist community on the Ai-Kon forums and we also have a group on Facebook (Ai-Kon Artists).

    Applications for Ai-Kon’s 2017 Artist Faire will open in the spring of 2017.

    Applications for Winterfest will open at the end of November! The announcement should be up soon. Keep an eye out on our news feed!

    Information for 2017 Ai-Kon Artist Faire applications will be announced in mid- to late March. Any questions please email