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Here at Ai-Kon, we like to refer to our artists as “Daikons” and our new-comers as “Sprouts”!

Ai-Kon’s Sprouts: New Artists Program Information

Ai-Kon is happy to continue our program to welcome brand new artists into our Marketplace! While we refer to our artists as Daikons, we like to refer to our new-comers as Sprouts!

This program is only available during our Ai-Kon summer event and a limited amount of new-comers are accepted through this application.

Want to be an Ai-Kon artist but don’t know where to start?
Read the Tips and Tricks to Ai-Kon’s Artist Faire that a handful of our Ai-Kon artists have graciously provided!

Sprouts Perks

  • Early application before the General Table Applications open.
  • Discounted table cost compared to the General Tables.

Sprouts Application Guidelines

  • Artists must NOT have participated at Ai-Kon or Winterfest (as an artist or a vendor) to be considered.
  • Applicants are required to share with us a sample of: your work, portfolio, or social media account, etc for judging.
  • Each application is carefully juried by the Marketplace Team to ensure a diverse collection of artists that fit within the marketplace demographic.
  • This application is separate from the general table application. If you are not chosen as a Sprout, you are welcome to apply for the Daikon General Art tables, which will open shortly after the Daikon Sprouts have been chosen.
  • Only the artist registered in the application form is permitted to sell their work(s) at a Sprouts table.

Further information will be released within the Ai-Kon Artist Information Package
on the Ai-Kon Artists page.

Ai-Kon’s Daikons: General Art Table Information

Ai-Kon is excited to welcome back artists into our Marketplace! We like to refer to our artists as Daikons.

The following information is applicable for both of our events: Winterfest (Winter Event) and Ai-Kon (Summer Event)

Daikon Table Application Guidelines

Daikon Tables

  • The first 60% of Tables will be available via a first-come-first-serve basis.

Lottery Tables

  • The remaining 40% of tables will be allotted via a lottery draw one week after applications open.
  • All remaining applications afterwards will be put on a waiting list based on the timestamp of the application.

All applying artists will be notified of their application status within 48 hours after the application form has been submitted. If accepted, artists will be emailed a link to our online registration and payment form.

Further information will be released within the Ai-Kon Artist Information Package
on the Ai-Kon Artists page.

Please make sure to read the Ai-Kon Artists Rules and Regulations in its entirety,
for they may have changed.

Contact the Artist Coordinator at for any questions.