Manitoba’s Largest Anime Convention!

July 21-23, 2017

RBC Convention Centre, 375 York Ave., Winnipeg

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Artist Faire

Ai-Kon’s Artist Faire is where attendees can find original artwork and crafts from their favourite anime, manga or game series! Our Artist Faire is located in our Marketplace alongside vendors and encompasses a wide range of talented artists, from media to textiles to crafts. Breathtaking posters and prints, adorable charms and trinkets, or even handmade apparel and plushies – we’ve got it all. Con-goers can even commission their favourite artist for a personalized work of art!

2017 Marketplace Layout


2017 Artists

Table Artist(s) Website(s)
Ai-Kon1 Vendor Registration
Jacques’ Leather Extravaganza
Ai-Kon2 mogstomp
Sarah Harvey
Ai-Kon3 Alice RL
Ai-Kon4 Artist Registration
Radish Doodles

K1 Amymja
Graeme B.
K2 Dave A.
K3 Jonaleepuff
Stephanie A.
K4 Steven D.
K5 itsMengo
K6 Vee’s Cubees
K7 Huzzah Creations
K8 GeekNRD

Vanessa S.

L1 Ethan
Holly G.
L2 Chande
L3 Yna
L3 Ingrid G.
L4 Shae-Lyn T.
L5 Little Wish Gifts
L6 Hikazio
L7 Manreeree
L8 RottenCoeur
M1 Fluffy Bunny Pixels & Glass Rabbit Designs
M2 Chamber Artworks
M3 The procraftinators
M4 Haidee Samuels
M5 Brenna Kun
Robert W.
M6 Nayuki
M7 Dandizette Cosmetics
M8 KiranFreak
N1 Avi’s Secret Garden & Bee’s Bumbles
N2 Heatley
N3 Don’s Prop Shop
Steph M.
N4 FalseDelusion
N5 Haley P.
N6 Alejandra B.
N7 Samara H.
N8 Su~Ki Boutique
O1 Morbidprince
O2 Shannon B.
O3 resubee
O4 Raysdrawlings
O5 GeeYelps
Sann Uchiha
Sann Uchiha
O6 Kendra D.
Rin Claymore
O7 Canephora Crafts
O8 Punklette Originals
P1 reirei18
P2 Pixelam
P3 Brownrabbits
P4 Lonely Cloud Miniatures And Art
P5  Shaina773 Art
P6 Stephan (i.e) Black
P7 David Alleyn
P8 zearyu
Q1 Claudia
Q2 Shrimp Creations
Q3 Lush & Plush
Q5 Tracy Mae
Q6 Studio HAZUKI
Q7 Amy R.
Kim D.
Q8 Lisa O.
R1 Lyeric
R2 Thindra Hitoru
Phynix C.
R3 Blue Danube Crafts
R4 Melody Dean Accessories
R5 DeeSigns
R6 Marion M.
R7 Kristen L.
Amy-Lynn L.
Natalie N.
S1 Meagan R.
S2 PinkAura
S3 K_lin
Paige O.
S4 The Green Bunny Workshop
S5 Justin Genghis Krahn
T1 Yummy Suika
Emilie F.
T2 Rawry & Pohly
T3 Paperbeatsrock
T4 Khan
T5 WildFuZz Studios
U1 Glitter This Moment
U2 ofSkySociety
U3 NovaCat

Interested in participating at Ai-Kon’s Artist Faire?

We accept a wide range of artists with varying experience levels. Whether you’re new to your craft or are a pro in the convention circuit, you’re welcome to take part in our Artist Faire! Ai-Kon has a great artist community that is supportive and creative, so if you need ideas or have questions, feel free to ask our Coordinator at or any of our lovely artists about their experiences at Ai-Kon.

We have an artist community on Facebook (Ai-Kon Artists).

Please click here for more information about becoming an artist at Ai-Kon!

Ai-Kon 2017 Mascot Contest Winner

Our 2017 Mascot Contest came to a close on January 14, 2017. Congratulations to Dave for his detailed and striking power suit Aiko! Dave’s entry will be used in Ai-Kon 2017 promotional material and he has won an art table at Ai-Kon 2017. You’ll see more examples of Dave’s work at Ai-Kon 21-23, 2017 at the RBC Convention Centre!

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First Runner Up: Steven D.

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Second Runner Up: Ethaniel R.

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All entries can be seen here. Thank you for all the creative, stunning entries from our artists! Every year we have a hard time choosing our winner and this year was no different. Our theme was difficult and we are so excited that we got so many wonderful entries! Thanks to all the artists for their hard work and creativity that went into creating their amazing mecha/power suit Aikos.