Winterfest Online 2021

Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Here at Ai-Kon, we like to refer to our artists as “Daikons” and our new-comers as “Daikon Sprouts”!

Our Artists feature skilled works of art and products that features the many fandoms and interests for all of our attendees. Get limited-made products carefully made by our artisans!

Want to Become a Part of our growing Artist Garden?

Go to our Becoming An Artist page for more details!

Ai-Kon 2022 Information

The Ai-Kon Artist Information package for Ai-Kon 2022 will be made available no later than February 28, 2022. Please check back here for more details.

Aiko 20th Anniversary Mascot Winners!

Many thanks to the artists who participated in the Ai-Kon Mascot Contest for the 20th Anniversary event! The theme was Porcelain/Platinum, the Anniversary Material gift one gives for a 20th Anniversary.

To view all of the entries for this year Click Here.

1st Place Winner: ZEARYU
2nd Place Runner-Up: Cassidy A
3rd Place Runner-Up: Stephan B (Black’s Sideshow)

Contact the Artist Coordinator at for any questions.