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2018 Artist Auction

Interested in submitting a one-of-a-kind art piece to the 2018 Artist Auction? You don’t have to be registered as a 2018 Ai-Kon artist to do so! More information here!

If you have any questions please email the Marketplace Assistant at!

Ai-Kon 2018 Artists

We have an amazing group of artists attending Ai-Kon 2018! Please see map and table below for the list of artists you’ll see at Ai-Kon this July!

Table # Artist Name Website Partner Name Website
K1 Mogstomp Stellarcore
Instagram: sogen_no_ume
K2 klaeia
K3 Linda Y
K4 chande
K5 SugahStixx
K6 Hikazio
K7 Shaebud Nicholas C
K8 Tracy R Stephanie A
L1 Sloan Johbee
L2 Dash of Creativity
L3 CWilock
L4 JellyDoll
L4 Clivenzu
L5 The Standee People
L6 manreeree Matthew B
L7 zearyu
L8 Colleen’s Ami Critters
M1 ila
M2 mangokappu
M3 Kie-Kay
M4 Honey Bears
M5 bramblebee designs Sam F
M6 Vee’s Cubees
M7 jamie_dna Taylor A
M8a Rebecca H
M8b Inali Grimalkin
N1 Richy T
N2 Little Wish Gifts
N3 Lothlenan
N4 resubee
N5 Kiran-Freak
N6 Punklette Originals Stephen C
N7 Kathloo
N8 LunaPri
O1 milkyvenus
O2 reirei18
O3 Jonaleepuff Stephanie A
O4 Kyuriin
O5 Kinosthetic
O6 Stephan (i.e) Black
O7 Phynix Caskey Lita B
O8 S.M. Beiko
P1 Sara G Alison L-B
P2 Raysdrawlings
P3 nayukidraws and YanimatorART
P4 LonelyCloud Miniatures and Art
P5a GeeYelps
P5b Derokun Studio
P6 Alejandra B
P7 Amymja Graeme B
P8 Morphozephyr Kat M
Q1 Dandizette Cosmetics
Q2 Morbidprince
Q3 shaina773
Q4 bokchoi
Q5 Deanna H
Q7 By BlackBird Designs
Q8 ZeroPercentFruit Cyanide Lemons
R1 Atha
R2 Ira G Wil S.
R3 BHBehemoth
R4 Version 1.0.1
R5 Studio HAZUKI David W
R6 Otogiri
R7 Forever Miracles
R8 Rin Claymore Arts Kendra D
S1 Lazy Leopard Fursuits
S2 Huzzah Creations
S3 zzyzzyy
S4 Stellar Evolution Designs
S5 MaskyArts
T1 and T2 Nani
T3 Paperbeatsrock
T4 Daniel H
T5 Brenna Kun Robert W
U1 MiscMarion
U2 To Tell Stories
U3 Meagan R Tess M
U4 The Procraftinators
U5 Justin Genghis Krahn

Ai-Kon 2018 Art Table Sales

Currently, all our artist tables for 2018 are sold out. All information regarding art table sales is available at the “Becoming an Artist” page!

Winners: Ai-Kon 2018 Mini Mascot Contest


We have our winners for our 2018 Mascot Contest!

First place goes to zearyu for her lovely depiction of Aiko!

Second place goes to Designs by Sloan for her cute and neko-themed Aiko!

Third place goes to Linda Y. (brownrabbits) for her serene and watercolour-inspired goddess Aiko!


The Ai-Kon Committee would like to sincerely thank all the artists who took time to design and draw Aiko for the contest. We received a large amount of gorgeous entries this year and really enjoyed looking at each of them as we discussed voting. Thank you for your time, innovation and creativity! Our 2018 mascot gallery can be viewed here! We are looking forward to seeing you at Ai-Kon.

Ai-Kon 2018 art table sales will be announced in the new year!


Winner: Winterfest 2018 Mini Mascot Contest


Congratulations to Vania C. for her dynamic depiction of our adorable (and mischievous) Doug for Winterfest! Vania will be present at Winterfest selling her artwork.

Thank you to all the artists for their wonderful Doug entries – we were all very pleased and excited with all the variations of Doug and delicious foods! All entries can be viewed in our mascot gallery. See you all at Winterfest!!


Winterfest 2018 Art Table Sale Date

Please read full artist information package and rules here: Winterfest 2018 Artist Info Package

Winterfest art tables are currently SOLD OUT! To apply for the waiting list, please submit the form located here: Winterfest 2018 Art Table Application.

Please email with any questions!



The Ai-Kon 2018 Mascot Contest is now closed!

The sound of bells and prayers is in the air! It’s festival time and this year we are celebrating the festival of Aiko, our beloved and benevolent kami. Aiko has bestowed a harmonious and bountiful year for Ai-Kon and she will appear before her adoring followers at these annual celebrations! At the deity’s matsuri, priestesses and shrine maidens gather to send their hopes and wishes for a happy 2018. As she appears, the masses grow silent in wonder. This year’s theme is Kami/Matsuri Aiko.

Generally, Aiko is a cheerful, stylish, energetic anime girl with pink hair and blue eyes. Please keep the eye and hair colour but feel free to change the attitude to suit the theme. Also remember that Ai-Kon is a family friendly convention.

What is a kami? A kami is a Japanese god/goddess, divinity, deity or spirit. While kami traditionally possess both positive and negative traits, this year’s theme will focus on a benevolent Aiko in all her glory. A matsuri is a Japanese festival or festive occasion. You may also choose to design Aiko not as a kami, but as a human attending a festival – this may include shrine maidens, priestesses, or general festival attendee in yukata or furisode.

When choosing an Aiko, the Ai-Kon committee considers many aspects, including relevance to the theme, colour palette, pose, lines, anatomy, and overall effect. We favour entries that appropriately represent Aiko in age, physical attributes, and personality and that will represent Aiko well to our audience. In addition, we look for an entry’s ability to be placed on promotional media, including the badges, posters, and t-shirts.


The winner will receive: a free art table, two (2) artist weekend admissions to Ai-Kon 2018, and an Ai-Kon 2018 t-shirt. The winning entry will be used for Ai-Kon 2018 promotional materials and merchandise.
The two runners-up will receive: A free half art table at and an artist weekend admission to Ai-Kon 2018!




The Winterfest Mini Mascot Contest is now closed as of November 25, 2017!


All entries to past years’ Mascot Contests can be found here.