Winterfest 2020

February 22, 2020

RBC Convention Centre

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Ai-Kon 2019 Artists

We are very excited to have the following artists at Ai-Kon 2019! You’ll find these talented people in our Marketplace.

Table Number Artist Name
K1 Huzzah Creations
K2 mogstomp and Stellarcore
K3 Designs by Sloan
K4 Dash of Creativity
K5 Colleen’s Ami Critters
K6 Riko
Inali Creations
K7 Immris
K8 Eelbunny
L1 Chande
L2 Zearyu
L3 LunaPri
L4 itsMengo
L5 Rin Claymore
L6 Alison L-B
L7 Three Thistles
L8 Raysdrawlings
M1 Dandizette Cosmetics
M2 Morbidprince
M3 Brenna Kun Arts
Insta @brenna_kun_arts
M4 Avery Helm
Twitter @avery_helm
M5 Morphozephyr
M6 Vees Cubees
M7 Kinosthetic
M8 Avery Illustrations
N1 Spike Samuels
N2 Adriana P.
N3 Ducharme Doodles
McDuck Illustration
N5 Zero Percent Fruit
N6 Alejandra Barraza
Insta @Barraza_Design
N7 Burningtamashii
N8 Kaisa
O1 Scott A. Ford
O2 Sam Secter
O3 Golden Enigma Crochet
O4 Claudia Wang
O5 bramblebee designs
O6 Black’s Sideshow
O7 ShaeBud
O8 Bud & Bug Co
P1 Brownrabbits
P3 Mochiru
P4 Cindiq
P5 MaskyArts
P6 Kyomon
P7 Box of Oddities
P8 Shaiyu
Q1 CWilock
Q2 Edwin Lam
Q3 milkyvenus
Q4 bokchoi
Q5 Kyotokimi
Insta @Kyotokimi
Q6 Melody Dean Couture
Q7 Kie-Kay
Q8 berriwhip
Insta @berriwhip
R1 Punklette Originals
R2 Genghis Krahn
R3 Jonaleepuff
R4 Fin Agin
R5 azureii
R7 Kyuriin
R8 Amymja
S1 Kate Cunning
S2 Phynix Caskey
S3 Beeker
S4 Viridian Treasures
S5 Grotto
T1 Lonely Cloud Miniatures and Art
T2 Ohana Craft Amigurumi
T3 Yoichiro Takeuchi
T4 Kiran Freak
T5 peptosis
U1 Misc Marion
U2 NovaCat RaveStar
Twitter @NovaCatRaveStar
U3 Fungal Dragon!
Lorel Bee
U4 Gillian Newland Illustration
U5 Brian Hoang Illustrations

Interested in becoming an artist for Ai-Kon 2019? All info can be found on our Becoming an Artist page!

Ai-Kon 2019 Auction

Interested in entering a unique piece into the Artist Auction? See the Artist Auction 2019 page!

Ai-Kon 2019 Mascot Contest

Thank you to all our lovely and amazingly talented artists for their renditions of RPG/Fantasy Aiko! We were thrilled to see all the beautiful and fun entries and are so impressed by all the different renditions of Aiko as various role-playing game classes! Our winners are announced below:

First Place: Aiko by Designs by Sloan

First Runner-Up: Aiko by zearyu

Second Runner-Up: Aiko by Kaisa Eila

Once again, the Ai-Kon Committee is so thankful for all the lovely entries received! We recommend taking a look at all the amazing Aikos we received this year and in all years past. All entries to the 2019 and past years’ Mascot Contests can be found here.

Winterfest 2019 Mascot Contest

Congratulations to zearyu for her lovely rendition of Doug, our mischievous and tricksy Winterfest mascot, as a rogue!

Winterfest 2019 Art Table Sale Info

Winterfest art tables are currently sold out! More info here: Becoming an Artist. Ai-Kon art table sale date to be announced in March 2019.