The Ai-Kon Marketplace

The Marketplace is one of the main attractions at Ai-Kon. It encompasses the traditional Dealer's Room, Artist Faire and Expo Hall. Here you will find vendors selling various merchandise, artists selling original artwork and crafts, and a wide range of Japanese and anime related clubs and organizations.


The Winterfest 2017 Marketplace will be located on the main floor of the convention center

Winterfest 2017 Vendor List:




Starcast Anime 35+36
PNP Games 1+2
Nerdhaven Collectibles 3-5
Unique Bunny 8+9
Chasing Artwork. 12+14
By Blackbird designs 13+15
Irben Entertainment 18+20+21
Little Star Gifts 26-31
GameKnight 22-25
Sweet Nostalgia 19
Oriental gifts 32
Tea Story 10+11
Cobra Collectibles 7
He Yanbo 6
Fusion Gaming 33+34
The Face Shop 16



We'll have limited edition t-shirts for sale at Winterfest. This loving yōkai rendition of our mascot has been brought to you by the longest surviving committee member, Christopher Benson.

Get yours at the Merch table located in the Marketplace on February 25th for $30.00

Limited quantities available for the small batch order!! This was just for staff but we've been convinced, loudly, to open sales to the public as well. They’ll only available at Winterfest, so don’t hesitate, pick one up early in the day! Once they're gone that's it!



Congrats to our Winterfest raffle winners: